Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sumoboo! Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

I have been passing by the place couple of times and was not really keen on trying as I thought they serve Korean cuisine. My past experience on having Korean food at PIK wasn't really good, so I was not that interested on having another one, not until I searched #sumoboo on Instagram and found cuteness overload dessert pictures and how they are actually a dessert place with Japanese concept.

The place, painted in bright yellow with light wood furniture, pastel colors couches where they put these chunky fluffy cushions with BOO words' prints. Artificial paper lanterns were hanging down the ceiling adding some Japanese theme into the concept. The place looks fun and minimalist modern.

The menu, printed behind a paper place mat serving variety of bubble teas, mochi ice cream, ice cream parfait, savory snacks and the one that is trending at the moment, Taiwanese look a like dessert. Like a happy kid, I greedily chose two types of dessert. The first one, Sumoboo's grass jelly (grass jelly, big boba, matcha ice cream, sumo bomb ball, mochi, red bean, taro) 38k comes in excellent presentation. A transparent bowl with colorful base and toppings placed in a round wooden board. The whole bowl tasted quite good, I loved how the texture was chewy but not in a gooey kind of way, the ice cream was good, strong matcha flavor with not too over powering level of sweetness.

The second one, the cutie pie, Boo!! Kakigori (30k) comes in several flavors; chocolate, matcha, strawberry and some other flavors which I couldn't remember. I chose strawberry. It was like a snow cones on glass with vanilla ice cream, shaved iced, egg puddings on the bottom with strawberry syrup poured on the top. If you are a sweet tooth, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Two days after, I came back for second visit with my friend and we ordered Sumoboo's mixed pudding with mochi, almonds and ice cream and Sumoboo's dessert with mixed pudding, red bean and bomb ball (I forgot to write down the name and price).

My second visit was not as nice as the first one. Both dessert were tasteless and too dilute, I didn't like the texture of the puddings which was too mushy. The hero of the day was only the Kiwi juice yakult with mixed conjact. I asked for lowest sugar level and it tasted just right, not sweet with enough hint of sour from the kiwi juice and yakult.

Overall, I think the place serves quite lots of dessert variety which tasted decent, depends on each taste buds and choices of dessert. Like what I experienced with the popular Hong Tang, I used to never get to understand what's so good about the desserts, I must have gone at least 5 times trying on different items on the menu before I found my favorite, number 26 and finally admitted on how good it was. Based on how I enjoyed my first time at Sumoboo and not so much on the second, I guess it all comes down to picking the right choice for your personal taste buds. Nevertheless, the place seems to have a pretty good stand on becoming another favorite spot for a good dessert place in PIK. Have you tried Sumoboo? What do you think?
Rukan Crown GolfBlok D No. 17
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 96628677
(Few shops away from Ikkudo Ramen)
Opens: 11am - 11pm


Stacia Ho said...

ahh have been waiting for them to open up, and finally a review! the conjact looks mild and delishh~ said...

too bad pantai indah kapur is way too far from my house ;)