Friday, December 6, 2013

[CLOSED] Caliente PIK

Just when I was pretty much bored with the variety of F&B at PIK, Caliente comes bringing fresh air with Mexican food. The place has just opened for couple days when I went for dinner weeks ago. The concept is semi fast food where we order and pay right on the counter and the food will be delivered to our table. Nothing much to say on the interior design as they kept it quite simple, perhaps to make it align with the affordable & semi fast food concept.

We ordered their Signature grilled beef burrito (mexican rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, beans) with nachos & drinks 59.5k, and Classic ground beef taco (2pcs) 30k. It didn't take too long for the food to be served. The burrito came wrapped in an aluminum foil with nachos and salsa dip on the side. When we opened the foil, the burrito didn't look fantastic, it was not looking fresh, more like something they have prepared in advance and just heated it before serving, to be honest, it looks sad. Luckily, when we cut the burrito, it was so much better to see the brown Mexican rice and the quite generous chunks of beefs. It tasted pretty alright too, it wasn't the best burrito I ever had, but it wasn't the worst as well. The flavor was there, but it lack of freshness. If only it was made fresh upon order.

The taco in Caliente came in hard taco shell. After picking out the shredded cheese, I found my self quite enjoying the taco. As it was hard taco types, I felt like eating nachos with salsa dips tucked in the middle. It was a good "eat with hand" kind of snack.  

Few days after, I was just finished with a late lunch at a recently opened Korean restaurant around the area when I spotted a banner placed outside Caliente, advertising their churro cake, and just like that, I dragged my bestie inside for a bite. The churro cake was like Spanish doughnut, base flavor of the churro cake was cinnamon, we can opt for plain (29k) or choose to have other flavors from strawberry, chocolate, caramel or blueberry, if you are a major sweet tooth, you could also add a scoop of ice cream on the top for 9k only. We chose the Caramel churro cake (32k) with no ice cream added.

I was relieved when it was served warm, and boy... It was so freakin' gooood. I loved loved it. It was warm, crisp, sprinkled in cinnamon and caramel sauce. To me, it was heavenly good, I even picturing on how delicious it was while I typed at the moment. Regrettably I have something I need to do this afternoon, if not I would go and have another one of those sinful pleasure dessert.

With the affordable price range, Caliente with their tagline "Mexican food for everyone" definitely comes as a nice addition to the food complex in North.

Ruko Garden House Blok 18B
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29033158

Other branch: Lippo Mall Kemang 3rd flr

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