Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Meals in 2013

Being someone who live to eat, and not eat to live, I eat a lot. I mean A LOT. And as much as I have always been feeling blessed and fortunate to be able to taste different kinds of food, I personally feel when you have eaten too many foods in life, your appetite sort of creates higher standards on what a great food should taste, and you will find it harder and harder to find a certain food to please your taste buds. Personally, that is what happen to me, especially the past one year. Experiencing so many food in all kinds of diners had its own disadvantage, I become pickier and hard to be satisfied when it comes to giving a real credit to great food. That is sort of the whole reason on why I decided to make this post, to thank all the kind people mentioned below who has been making the calories I gained from eating at their diners, worthwhile. 

With no particular order, my best meals in 2013* goes to: 
*specifically limited to diners in Jakarta only

Marugame Udon

The udon house franchised from Japan is definitely a God sent, particularly for me who loves soupy food. Their udon is fantastic! The texture is springy with light and savory soup. Since the day they opened, I have been there numerous times and always become my first choice when I'm craving for udon.
See full review here.  

Better Chocolate Than Never

Hands down the best black forest cake I have ever eaten so far. I stumbled upon this bakeshop during Idul Fitri holiday this year, and I was hooked ever since. I always love anything paired with rum, except raisin and black forest has always been my favorite cake, but I often find it way too sweet and over chocolaty, until I found Baby black forest from Better Chocolate Than Never, I was beyond happy! The cake is very soft with perfect balance of sweetness. I loved how they make the chocolate so light that when hubs celebrated his birthday 2 months ago, I ordered their black forest and not even feeling guilty nor embarrassed to admit that I ate 3/4 of the whole cake. Yes, it was that GOOD!

T.G.I Friday's

Ah my comfort place! One of the happiest news I received in 2013 is definitely the comeback of Friday's. I love love this place. It has always been my comfort place to eat since I was in college and it remains still. In Friday's, you can always count on getting a fun ambiance, friendly service, huge portion with good food.
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I couldn't remember how many times I recommend Wilshire to my friends for a great place to eat. The place is such a treat for both eyes and tummy. As soon as you enter the venue, you will be awed with the gorgeous design, it's pretty yet classy, and the food are just awesome. Their price tag is slightly hefty, but it's worth the pennies.
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E & O

I'm pretty sure most people who've been to E&O would agree that they serve delicious impeccable dishes. Offers fusion cuisine of Thai & Vietnamese cuisine under the brilliant chef Will Meyrick, the place has been one of my favorite place to dine. They have different menu for lunch and dinner, I have tried both and very satisfied. E&O is definitely a must try.
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So, what's your best dine in 2013? Pls do share, I would really love to know! Meanwhile, it's almost end of the year and this will be my last post on 2013. Let me be one of the first to wish all of you a big Happy New Year 2014 and a sincerely thank you for supporting Ivy's life!



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