Wednesday, December 25, 2013

PAUL French Bakery & Patisserie Jakarta

People who stay in Jakarta must have been very good this year, seeing how Santa comes earlier bringing an excellent Christmas present, the first outlet of Paul Patisserie. I have been waiting for Paul to open ever since I saw the signage months ago. I even called twice to Pacific Place's information to ask if the place has open yet.

The place, looked exactly like what I had in mind. I loved how they took place in the lobby of Gallery Lafayette, when my bestie and I were there couple weeks ago, we were sitting in the front while waiting our table, and the weather was cloudy, such a perfect atmosphere for an afternoon tea. The dining area was not too big, but enough to fit around 20-25 tables.

Looking at the menu, it appeared to me they serve more on brunch and dessert menu, not so much on heavy meal which was fine. They fit more as a breakfast, brunch and dessert place anyway. My bestie and I decided to go with Tartine champignon (sauteed mushroom with garlic bread and parsley) 110k and Salade saumon roti (95k) for share. I'm a fan of mushrooms so I just loved their tartine champignon, although I was a bit disappointed with the garlic bread, the texture was too mushy, I was imagining it to be a very crisp toasted kind of bread, but it wasn't. The salad was wonderful, super fresh mixed vegetables with quite generous roasted salmon on the top.

After we finished with our main course, we went to the pastry & bakery corner, and it was such a pretty sight, it's like heaven for sweet tooth. I'm not a sweet tooth but I love breads, especially baguette and they have the most gorgeous pastry & bread selections in town.

If only I can eat anything without getting fat, I would have five for only myself. Sadly, I gained as fast as I chewed, so I chose only one *sobbing*, as someone who loves fruits, their Tartelette multifruits (50k) instantly caught my attention and I quickly pointed one, while bestie went with the Millefeuille fraises (Napoleon with strawberries and creme patisserie filling) 50k.

My tartelette fruits didn't taste so good, at least not as good as what it looked like. The crust was too hard, and it was overly sweet. I loved the millefeuille fraises much much more, the creme filling was thick but surprisingly very light, and not too sweet, a very recommended piece of cake. :)

Paul opens from 7am for breakfast on weekends, I envy people who stay nearby. Breakfast on Sunday at Paul would never happen to me, I think, as much as I wanted too, because of the stupid car free day rules. Sigh.

Paul French Bakery & Patisserie 
Pacific Place Mall
South Lobby Gallery Lafayette
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57973464
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (from 7am on weekend)

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