Sunday, December 15, 2013


Nouvelle means new in French, a recently opened bistro which offers exquisite fusion menu of French and Japanese cuisine. When I went there few days earlier on a Saturday for lunch, I was surprised to see how we were the only guests. Their location at an office building might be the reason on how quiet the business are on weekend. The staff did share with us their busiest time are during weekdays, especially on lunch time and after office hours. So if you enjoy your meal with more crowds, I do recommend you to come on weekdays instead. 

Nevertheless, being the only three guests at the time was not really bothered me, I got to take pictures as convenient as I want without having the stress of making other tables feel uncomfortable. The ambiance are very European with the high ceiling, hanging lamps, and glass window overlooking to the lobby. I especially loved the tall wine cellar and the mirror signage of Nouvelle. Very chic. They also have a bar for people who only wants to have some cocktails or beers, and a private room for business meeting on the second floor.

Seeing how they just opened for a month, the menu offers an impeccable but very limited options, only 7 main courses and 2 desserts aside from the starters.

Our starters, Escargot Nouvelle (truffle sweet corn, smoked ham hock dashi nage, brioche) 85k was so good! The escargots were very tender, and I especially loved the truffle sweet corn, it was sweet and super smooth, just melted in mouth. The second starter, Edamame Bavarios (cured salmon, ikura, hazelnut crumble, liquid shiso) 75k was not as much joy as the first one. It wasn't bad, but tasted weird for my palate, the liquid shiso however, was quite acceptable.

Moving on to the entree, I had Organic chicken miso (125k) and it was delicious! The chicken was so tender and perfectly marinated, beautiful flavor, I loved how well it paired with the caramel soy sauce. My friends had a Java sea bass (145k) which despite the petite portion, was also a delight, perfectly cooked and the last one, Duck Aiguillette (iberico, poached fig, sweet potato beignet, hibachi mushroom) 180k was the perfect entree. Normally I don't like to eat red meat, but this one was an exception. It was perfectly cooked, the duck meat was unbelieveably juicy and tender. We didn't order any dessert as the options were too limited to tempt us.


I truly enjoyed my first time at Nouvelle, the food was great and the service was good, but I do hope they will add more variety on the menu. Oh, have I mentioned the food presentations were just flawless?

Equity Tower Ground flr
Jl. Jend Sudirman kav.52-53
SCBD Lot 9
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 5151356

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Shane Lynch said...

Hi Ivy, thank you so much for coming into our restaurant and I'm very happy to see you enjoyed the food! We have plans for a menu expansion following the New Year, this will include a larger dessert selection. Hope to see you again! Happy Holidays :)


Chef Shane Lynch
Nouvelle Restaurant

Ivy said...

Hi Chef,

Thank u so much for visiting the blog! :)

The food is fantastic. Lookin' forward for the menu expansion.

Happy holiday & happy new year Chef! =)