Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[CLOSED] MAD (Modern Asian Diner) Jakarta

MAD stands for Modern Asian Diner, a new establishment under Singapore's Tung Lok group. They serve variety of dimsum and Chinese ala carte cuisine, horfun, fried rice, laksa and what seems to be their specialty, claypot rice. The latter one is the main actual reason of me dragging my whole family there last Sunday. My folks, has a thing for claypot rice, so when I heard about MAD's claypot rice, I knew I had to bring them here.

The moment we stepped inside, I immediately feel like I was entering a food court instead of restaurant. The decor is using all wood furniture with a retro colorful chairs, I appreciate the shades of fun colors they used, but personally for me, the wide no partition kind of space and the wooden standard long tables even make the whole ambiance felt more like a chic food court. 

In my opinion, the price tags were a bit overpriced. Aside from the dimsum, the main course mostly priced above 100k.

Josper grilled wagyu claypot rice (198k)
Seeing how this one is their customers' favorite, I thought it shall be good so without thinking twice, I ordered this one for Dad. Love the generous slices of medium cooked wagyu on top of the claypot rice, and the half boiled egg was well cooked with its gorgeous runny egg yolk, however the overall taste turned to be too mediocre. Lack of seasoning and spices makes the entire dish a bit bland.  

Foei gras and beef claypot rice (198k)
Claimed as another customers' favorite, I chose this for Mom. Yes, when we dine in a new diner, Mom and Dad tend to just let me order for them. When it was served, first impression, I like the way they looked, the house teriyaki sauce was all over the rice, plenty of wagyu cubes on the top with tiny bits of pan seared foei gras. But again, the taste was sort of lacking. The rice was savory, the wagyu cubes were super tender, but the overall taste was simply bland.

Black pepper braised wagyu ox cheek and mushroom fried rice (118k)
This one is my least favorite. I felt the black pepper sauce was too strong and overly poured. Though the beef check itself win on the tenderness, but the overused sauce just ruin my palate.

Spicy tiger prawn wanton laksa charsiew la mian (98k)

The laksa soup was good. It was light and aromatic. The lamian was cooked too long that it felt too mushy, the fried wanton has lost the crunchiness, but overall it was okay.

Seafood stir fried hor fun with prawn, scallop, clam, mussel and calamari (128k)
This was mine and I regretted every part of it. For 128k, I truly expected a plate of well cooked fried horfun, not something that even unappetizing just by the look of it. It was greasy, oily and so standard, even with the help of generous condiments, still the taste blows.

We also tasted several of their dimsum. It was good but nothing special need to be highlighted. Overall, it was an okay lunch but I am not impressed.
MAD (Modern Asian Diner)
Lotte shopping avenue 4th flr
(Next to Cinema XXI)
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29889499


Andrea Gina Karima said...

they all look so tempting but it's a little bit overpriced for me :(
thanks for sharing ^^

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seifour said...

I've tried it twice, the taste was just standard for me, nothing special....and it definitely over price. The atmosphere and interior is catchy and unique.Good ambiance unfortunately not special in their food.