Friday, May 23, 2014

JFFF: Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe, La Piazza Kelapa Gading

One of the perks of staying in Jakarta is the food festivals. Normally three to four times in a year, hundreds of food stalls will be gathered around in a festival sponsored by a particular brand. Going to food festivals is by far one of my favorite thing to do, like a happy kid in her La La Land.

Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe is a food festival currently held from May 8th - June 1st at La Piazza Kelapa Gading. They open starts 4pm until 11pm on weekdays and 11am - 11pm on weekend. Indonesian food has always been one of my favorite cuisines. I was pleasantly beyond happy to see hundreds of food stalls when I went there couple days ago. The festival is huge! I think there are around 500+ stalls, I believe you can find almost every kind of Indonesian food there.

Nasi Gudeg Komplit (32k)

Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta. Made from jack fruit boiled with palm sugar and coconut milk. Commonly, Gudeng is served with steamed rice, opor ayam, tofu and sambal goreng krecek. Personally, I don't really like gudeg as it tend to be sweet, but the one from Ibu Laminten is quite good.

Asinan Sayur (19k)

Asinan sayur is one of my all time favorite Indonesian food. A plate of asinan sayur consist of preserved cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, peanuts and lettuce served with peanut sauce in vinegar and the most important one for me, krupuk mie. Asinan Pak Tata is one of the stalls with longest queue. If you like asinan sayur, this one is a must try.

SATE PADANG AJO RAMON (Cabang pasar Santa) 28k

Delicioussss! Ajo Ramon has always been my favorite but I never went to the original branch due to it's far location, so during food festivals, I tend to always look for them. Yes, they almost never missed a spot in any food festivals in Jakarta. The key of a perfect sate padang depends on the yellow sauce, and Ajo Ramon's is definitely one of the best. The sauce is thick with right flavor of mixed ginger, turmeric, cumin and other spices. I always chose tongue for the meat, more tender.

GEMBLONG BU NUNG (15k for 5pc)

Another Central Javanese's favorite. Made from glutinuous dough coated with black sugar. One of my must have if I go to Puncak or Bandung, usually only cost me idr 1k per pcs :) Bu Nung sells durian and jackfruit flavors also, but we only bought the original one. Cannot imagine how terrifying sweet the other flavors would be since the original one has been crazily sweet.

Bakso Campur (20k)

So gooood! If you like Bakso Afung, this one tasted very much the same only with cheaper price, but smaller portion. This is very good. If I have time for second visit before the event end, I would definitely go for this one again.

Mie Ayam Bakso (18k)

The stalls located next to Asinan sayur Pak Tata and we saw a line of queueing as well so we decided to order one. The noodle comes with pretty generous chicken chunks, flavor wise was okay too. Remember to ask them to have it half cook so the texture won't be too flabby. 


Such a tremendeous thirst quencher under the humid weather. The iced cincau is light, not overly sweet and very refreshing!

ES OYEN (16k)

Joining the festival all the way from Bandung, Es Oyen is one of the popular back in its city. It's some sort of mixed shaved ice like the typical Iced Campur, main ingredients is avocado, jackfruit and jelly. Love it! One of my favorite that day.

The event will be held until June 1st. If you are a huge fans of Indonesian food, I urge you to pay a visit. You won't regret it. Be prepared to be spoiled with hundreds of great food. A super important tips, wear as light and as comfy as you possibly could. Despite located outdoor, it was hot and humid, probably due to the massive crowds. Going there on weekdays is preferabble. Oh and Ladies, leave your heels at home or you'll regret it.

Note: A special thanks to CITA CINTA magazine for sending me the voucher cards! =)


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I always come to JFFF when I wanted to eat Indonesian food :) and also they offer affordable prices

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