Monday, June 13, 2011

Parents' Birthday Dinner @ Xin Hwa

I always find it sweet that my parents' birthday were only 5 days away from each. My dad is 1 year older than my mom, they were born in the same month of May and only 5 days away from each one. This year, their birthdays fell in the same week and in weekdays, so we decided to make it into 1 birthday dinner in the weekend.

My parents always loved Chinese food, so I booked the reservation at Xin Hwa. It was a Chinese restaurant located in Mandarin Oriental. I read a good review about it at Jakarta's Good Food Guide but hasn't got the chance to try it due to the location. I once went to Mandarin when I was searching seminar room for my company's purpose, and I was not happy with the parking lot. It was very small, dark and giving me headache finding way from parking lot to the lobby. To avoid the parking, this time we went for valet.

When we entered Xin Hwa, I noticed the luxury of the restaurant. From the design concept, the table and chair selections, even on how the napkins were folded were represented luxurious. However, I was surprised to see how small the restaurant was. They only had 8 tables in the dining area and 3 private rooms. I loved the ambiance even though it was really small.
I have pre-ordered the menu one day earlier to make sure our selections will be all available. So we didn't bother to look at the menu anymore. 

The Seafood Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup was served first and it was absolutely delicious. The spicy and sour taste blended perfectly. I was enjoying it much until the last spoon.
Our main course came all together: Scallop with asparagus & XO sauce (158k), sweet & sour pork (88k), prawns with oatmeal (105k), braised tofu with seafood (85k), Steamed Garoupa fish in Hongkong style (348k), Xin Hwa crispy roasted chicken - half (78k) and Seafood fried noodle (78k). I wouldn't bother to review one by one on how good were the meals. They were delicious. I especially loved the roasted chicken, it was very crispy. Overall it was a delightful birthday dinner. =)

Sze Chuan Hot & Sour Soup
Sweet & Sour Pork
Prawn Oatmeal
Steamed fish Hongkong style
Braised Tofu Seafood

Scallop w/ Asparagus & XO Sauce

Seafood fried noodle

Xin Hwa Golden Crispy Roasted Chicken
Some of us were feeling thirsty so while waiting for our car, I quickly went in to this coffee shop to bought mineral waters. I asked for 3 bottles and I got shocked when I paid, there it was in the cashier screen... IDR 149k, for 3 AQUA!!!! Not Equil, but Aqua! Jeeeezzzz I was still in shock when my mom came to rush me as our car's coming, so I didn't have the chance to cancel and just quickly handed the money to pay. I was still very irritated of spending 149k for 3 bottles of Aqua for the next 15 minutes, when I finally can let it go and come to 1 point, always ask for the price first. Haiiizzzz... totally ruin my delightful dinner.

Carol blouse + Hannah red bangle from Lemon's

Xin Hwa
Mandarin Oriental level 2
Jl. MH Thamrin
Jakarta 10310
Ph. +6221 2993 8888

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