Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday = Korean mini series + Junk Food Day

On a particular Sunday, I was feeling really lazy and was not in the mood to go anywhere. I was watching this Korean drama "You're beautiful" and can't stopped watching it. That's what I don't like about Korean movie, it simply makes you lost your quality beauty sleep. =) I'm not a fan of Korean movie actually, but sometimes when I was in a romantic mood, I like to indulge my self with Korean mini series where mostly the stories were like fairy tale, where a handsome, rich and kindhearted man was in love with an ordinary girl. Such a thing didn't really happen in a normal life, so time to time I enjoyed it on TV life.

I started to watch this drama "You're beautiful" since the place where I always got my nails done played it while I was doing my manicure - pedicure. The next time I went there, I asked them to play the drama starting from the part it ended last time. Another next visit, I still haven't managed to finished all the series until my last pedicure. Since I was a regular customer, they were kind enough to borrow me the DVDs. Yay!
It was saturday evening when I reached home and I have dinner appointment with my friends later night, so I have to hold my fairy tale moment for 1 night. The next day was how the lazy sunday was born. =)

I woke up around 8am and directly turn on my dvd. I was not bother to take shower first until my mom rang me and asked me to drop some things at her place. Sigh! Mommy was hijacking my fairy tale moment.
I got up, take shower and drove to my mom's place . After I drop the stuffs my mom asked for, she and my dad had an appointment with their friends so I quickly went home. Realizing that I haven't got my breakfast yet and it was noon already, I stopped by at the nearest mall to grab some take away. I was torn between my favorite junk food of all time, KFC or a bite of Domino's pizza since I never try it before. I end up with 2 take aways. KFC's 2pcs of original chicken and Domino's pizza Extravaganza 6". =) 

So happy on my way back, thinking about laying in my comfy couch admiring the handsome korean guy while enjoying my junk food. Hahaha! My korean fairy tale finally ended around 5pm and during that time I finished 1 pcs of chicken and 3 slices of pizza. Haiizzzz!

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