Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Itacho Sushi Singapore

Again, another long queue restaurant in Ion Orchard. We came around 1 pm, lunch time... No wonder the queue was so long. We queued for about 20 minutes before we were seated. Itacho Sushi had 3 branches in Singapore, the other two were Plaza Singapura & Bugis Junction. I guess they were quite popular in Hongkong as I read they had 20 branches in there. 

The interior inside reminds me of Sushi Tei (don't you think?). Anyway, the service was different with Sushi Tei. Even though it was crowded and many people were still queuing outside, but the service was fast. The waiters were promptly response to our needs. I was surprised when I asked for teriyaki sauce, and it didn't took them more than 2 minutes to served it to my table. It took me 3 times repeatedly  asking to 3 different waiters just to get my tare sauce in sushi Tei during weekend. Anyway, they have a paper listed their menu so we can just write in how many qty we want beside the menu names, but we can also choose to order directly to the waiter and they will help us to write down. 

Here's what we ordered. 

Spicy Salmon Inari Sushi $1.30

Steam egg w/ Crab $4

Salmon w/ soy sauce $0.8

Shrimp Tempura $5

Salmon Roe Roll ($5), Roasted Salmon Roll ($3.5) 

I forgot to take picture of the Eel Spring Roll ($3.4), it was delicious. Mix flavor of vietnamese with japanese, very nice. The steam egg w/ crab were also very nice and filling, different with the usual chawan mushi. They limit the salmon w/ soy sauce to 4pcs only per person, but to me it was not as good as eel spring roll. 

They have this leaflet teaching people the authentic way of eating sushi. I hope my picture was clear enough.
Overall, it was a pleasant lunch. The sushi was fresh and the service was ok. I will be coming back =)

Itacho Sushi
Ion Orchard B2 - 18
ph. +65 65098911

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