Sunday, May 8, 2011

[CLOSED] Taiyo Sushi

Last night, we spotted a new sushi restaurant opened in Pluit area when we were driving to dine at Warung Bu Kris. The restaurant took place in the old pool place called Mazee that had been closed for months. As we were craving about iga penyet, we decided to try the sushi tomorrow. So this afternoon we went there for lunch. The parking spot were filled up, and when we entered the dining, I noticed the place was too spacious comparing to number of tables they had.

It was the type of place that requiring us to wait to be seated but the welcoming person was not there so we were waiting to be guided to our table. Behind us there were a group of people too. Funny thing, there were about 4 staffs and 1 manager were standing around but none of them came greeting us. After waiting about 5 mins of getting ignored, I went to them to asked a table for 2 persons. The group behind did the same thing. I think if I didn't took the initiative to ask them, they will just let us stood there.

The waiter told us that they just opened yesterday. No wonder! The menu was interesting, pictures were nicely taken. Hence, I spotted quite many of their menus were the same as Sushi Tei, such as Sanshoku Hana Salmon, Salmon Skin Fried, Jumbo Dragon Roll, Salmon Skin Maki, Crispy Roll so I asked the waiter if they were in the same management with Sushi tei, and he said no, just happen to have the similar menus.

We ordered Spicy Salmon Salad (36k), Salmon Skin Fried (19k), Salmon Sashimi (32k), Taiyo Special Roll (53k) and Gindara Teriyaki (48k). 5 mins later, our cold ocha and Gindara Teriyaki came. It was delicious! The size was surprisingly big and the teriyaki sauce was mixed perfectly. I was happy and excited waiting for the next one to come. Unfortunately, the next one was in slow motion mode. I saw 2 tables beside us were leaving as their orders took too long. We were trying to understand as it was just opened yesterday, so maybe they were short of staffs. But after 35 mins, my patience had touched the limit, I asked the waiter about our order, my husband nicely said to her that if it's not prepared yet, then we just cancel and ask for the bill. Not long, she came with Taiyo Special Roll and told us the rest of our orders are out of stock. It pissed me off that she didn't let us know our orders are out of stock and let us waited 35 mins. Another stupid thing, after the waiter delivered our Taiyo's roll, she immediately asked us whether we wanted to ask for the bill now. Huh? We haven't even eat yet. My hubby were furious and directly said yes. Between angry and hunger, we ate the rolls and admitted the Taiyo's special roll were as delicious as the Gindara. 

Gindara Teriyaki
Taiyo Special Roll

Despite our disapointment and anger about the service, we will still come back to this place as the meals were great (even we only managed to eat two dishes). But we'll wait a month before my next visit, hopefully by then, they had increased their service. O yes, there are 30% discount during this month.

Taiyo Sushi
Jl. Pluit Putera Raya No. 17
Jakarta Utara
ph. +6221 6631652

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