Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Max Brenner Chocolate Singapore

On our way back to hotel from Gluttons Bay, we passed Max Brenner. As a chocolate lover, I was curious to try this even we were very full at that time, as I have heard many reviews about the one in Aussie. We decided to just order one dessert to share. We chose Banana Split Waffle ($15) and Choco Pops Hot Chocolate ($7.5). To me, the waffle was a disappointment. The banana was not fried and caramelized, it was just a banana topped above the waffle and ice cream plus chocolate sauce, but the taste and sauce was not mixed together. I directly remember Magnum Cafe, waffle de aristrocat... It was 3 times much better than the max brenner one. 
The hot chocolate also so so. However, I am still curious and would like to give another shot someday when I visit Singapore again or Australia, simply because the menus were really tempting. Really, I'm not lying... please have a view yourself at http://www.maxbrenner.com/menus.html

Max Brenner Chocolate 
8 Raffles Avenue
Esplanade Mall #01-06/08
ph. +65 62359556

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