Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sushi Joobu

I saw this review about Sushi Joobu at It was written that the chef was from USA and had experiences in restaurants across states, so I decided to give it a try. It located in Ruko Kelapa Gading Boulevard near Bread In and Ayam Presto. Not hard to find. It was wednesday night when me & hubby went there and the place was quite filled up, around 6 tables (they only had around 12 tables besides sushi bar). 



As we entered the dining, I noticed the place was quite small. It was 2 storey, and they have sushi bar on the 1st floor and tatami sitting on the 2nd floor.
We sat at sushi bar. 

Too bad the menu book came with no picture. The waiter said their specials are Joobu's special roll (55k), Grilled Salmon Head (61k) and Crispy Salmon Roll (32k). We ordered the 3 specials and salmon sashimi (47k), Seasoned Baby Octopus (29k), and  Crispy Salmon Skin (27k). Besides Sushi Tei, I had never find any other Sushi place with Salmon Skin in their menu, so I am very excited to try it.

The salmon sashimi came first and it was a disapointment. It was not fresh at all. Followed by baby octopus, crispy salmon roll and salmon skin. The salmon skin was different with the one I used to eat, this one was chopped and seasoned with vinegar, and they put sliced cucumber in the bottom and covered with fish flakes. It was not bad, but didn't suite my taste. The salmon head reminds me of grilled fish at Sundanese restaurant, it was weird. The Joobu's special was a roll of eel, seaweed, red chili, salmon slices and fish roe. Overall, the one I can tolerate is only the crispy salmon roll.  

O yes, there were 4 sous chefs behind sushi bar and all of them was not wearing the transparant gloves. So when they cut our sashimi and rolled the sushi, I can really see they are using their hands directly without putting the gloves. =After we paid, we were given 20% coupon for next visit. However, I don't think I will be coming back.

Salmon Sashimi

Baby Octopus
Crispy Salmon Roll
Crispy Salmon Skin

Grilled Salmon Head

Joobu's Special Roll


Toar Christopher said...

You can read other's reviews of sushi joobu at

Anonymous said...

Trying to save your business, dude?

Jajjangmi said...

Just to inform you that authentic sushi restaurant never use plastic gloves to cut their sushi as the heat in the chef's hand might affect the taste of the sushi. Same reason as why there's no female sushi chef in japan