Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay

Another post about my food hunting in Singapore. I have heard about Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay but never had the chance to go there everytime I went to Singapore. This time, it was a non planned visit. After our company's event that was held at Suntec Exhibition Centre ended around 8pm, we were starving but didn't want to eat at Suntec mall. So we decided to walk around Marina Mandarin (hotel we were staying at), turns out "Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay" was just right behind Esplanade, and Esplanade was only opposite of our hotel.

It was almost 9.30pm when we arrived and the place was still very crowded. It was like a backyard full with food stalls. We decided to each order 1 main course to share among us. I chose char kwetiau ($6), my two colleagues chose grilled string ray ($10) and BBQ chicken wings ($1.3/pcs). We saw many tables ordered the chicken wings. We added oyster egg omelette ($8).

We can choose the portions of kwetiau from Small ($4), Medium ($6) and Large ($8) . It was cooked with bean sprouts, jerked meat, prawn, egg and kucai. It was ok, not bad, not good either.

I didn't like the grilled string ray. It was not bad, but didn't suit my taste. However my colleagues quite like it. 
It was just typical grilled fish, nothing special.

This one was the best among all dishes that we had that night. No wonder most of the tables we saw had the same chicken wings. It was big, we ordered 6 pcs and hardly could finish them. But it was good, the BBQ sauce was really seep in. 

This one was the worst. The oyster still had this fishy smell. Not good at all. 

I think besides of the chicken wings, the rest of the dishes was not pleasant. As the place was not comfortable for eating (hot and humid, perhaps depending on the weather too as it was outdoor venue), I will not be coming back unless if I am craving for the wings. =)

Makan Sutra Glutton Bays
Behind Esplanade Mall
Marina Bay, Singapore

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