Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yummy Snacks' Kiosks

Last week, my company was having a big gathering in Singapore. We always had this annual convention every year and this year we were having it on 14-15 May. As 17th was Vesak Day, me and my colleagues decided to extend our trip until 17th. So we combined the trip into 2 days business trip and 2 days of fun trip, of course filled with food hunting. Yay!

Since Ion Orchard opened in Singapore, it had become one of my favorite mall simply because it has a lot of great food there. :) Below are some of the foods that we tried during our trip @Ion Orchard level B4. It was heaven for food lovers as there were almost hundred of small kiosks with many delicious yumm food. Let's start!

Gindaco Original Teriyaki
This one was certainly my most favorite snack in Singapore. I just simply love it, and until this moment, I had never found better Takoyaki compare to this one, even when I went to Japan. The flavour just feels right and the octopus inside came in the right side. Most of the other Takoyaki seller, they chopped the octopus into a very small size that we can't even taste it when we chewed.
It came in 2 sizes, $4 something for 4pcs and $6.4 for 8pcs. I love it so much I even bought 16pcs of it to bring back to Jakarta. =)

Bonchon 4 fingers Crispy Wings
This one also a favorite of mine. It was a franchise from Korea. Very popular in Korea that they claimed their chicken wings are better than KFC. I think it was one of the best wings I ever had, it is very crisp and the flavour just blend together. We chose the spicy one, and we can felt that the spices were really seep in to the wings. It was delightful wings.
Smallest portion is 6pcs with price of $7.9.

Chicken Katsu Curry
 One of my friend who live in Singapore always bragged about how good is Go Go Curry! I saw her status in facebook that she ofteenly checked in at this place for lunch. So I decided to give it a try. We ordered Pork and Chicken Katsu Curry to share among 3 of us as the portions are quite big. I prefer the pork one. They put the rice under the Katsu and cover it with the curry, then on the top put the Katsu. It was not bad, but also not that good. I think it just didn't suite my taste. I'm not a fan of curry, however this was stiill better than Mr. Curry.
The price of 1 portion is around $11 something.

We also had cakwe (there, they called it You Thiau) and butterfly (it was a fried dough that you can find in all Cakwe seller in jakarta). Too bad I forgot to took picture. Anyway, the butterfly was simply delicious. It was very crisp and very different with the one I had in here. My colleagues thought the same way. You can find it in all food court in most of the shopping mall in Singapore. Must try!

Food Kiosk
Ion Orchard level B4

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