Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ismaya Catering Co.

This was a late post. When I still work at Menara BCA,  my office hours ended at 6pm and every working days I will always stayed at office until 6.50pm before I went to parking lot due to the 3in1 policy. One day, I was not feeling on waiting at office and as my office building is linking to Grand Indonesia shopping town, I decided to kill my time at Ismaya Catering while waiting 3in1 ended. 

Ismaya Catering Co. was one of restaurant under Ismaya group. I wasn't sure why it called Ismaya catering since they only serve light snacks and pastry. The place was quite crowded when I got there. The non smoking section was outside along the alley of Level 1, too bad they put the tables right in front of a stage where there was some performers singing, so the music was too loud that like it or not I had to sit inside where the smoking was allowed. 

I went to the pastry display and there were only few options which didn't really bring appetite when I saw them, but I go ahead and ordered Pistachio cake (30k). I am a fan of Baskin & Robins' pistachio ice cream, so I figured the cake should be alright. It was pandan chiffon layer cake covered with crunches of pistachio. It was not bad but too sweet for my taste.

*image of Ismaya Catering was downloaded from Google.

Ismaya Catering Co.
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall Level 1
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1

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