Saturday, October 1, 2011

October's Buying Trip

The past few days really make me realized that as a human, we can plan but it is up to Him whether the plan can be delivered or not. Last week I have been very busy. I just launched Lemon's CLOSET 4 and bless me that it was well responded. After the week, I thought that I will have couple of relaxing days before my buying trip. I have planned two lunch dates with couple friends of mine, a manicure pedicure session and a relaxing back massage. But as I said, we can plan but it's all up to Him. Something came up, got me so occupied that all those plans above sadly need to be cancelled. 

So now here I am, Saturday night... less than 24 hours before my flight, haven't packed, tense shoulders with a 3 weeks old pedicure. What a mess!

Anyway, enough writings. Start packing. Hopefully tomorrow I can still have a nice brunch before rushing to airport. I'll be off until the 6th, back with tons of great stuffs for Lemon *finger crossed*. Wait for my CLOSET 5 soon to be launched at

Cheers and Gud nite! 

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