Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm back!

Every time I went on traveling, no matter where, no matter how fun was it. Still, no place beats home. The feeling popped every time I step in to home after going abroad was the best. As much excited I was for each buying trip I had, didn't hide the fact that I hate flying. I never like plane, I am not phobia of height but I just always get nauseous if I am in plane. I can't stand the inflight meal smells, I can't stand to sit in the middle seat, so I always took the aisle seat, I can't stand the long hours. When I was a kid, Doraemon was one of my regular show, and up until now I am still wishing if I could have his "pintu kemana aja". The imagination if I could go anywhere abroad without taking a plane. 

My former boss is a Singaporean, as a Regional Country Manager, he's in charge on branches in several countries which requires him to travel frequently. He once told me he travels around 120+ times in a year! Gosh, I can't imagine if I was in his shoes.  

This last buying trip, we took a red eye for our return flight and it was delayed for an hour due to heavy rain. After they decided that it was ok to fly, during the flight, the plane was having major turbulence. It was not a minor only a minute turbulence, it was big! and keep on coming every second in about half an hour, and when I looked at the window, there were thunders. I was freaking out. There was a pregnant stewardess on the plane, working. She was 6 months pregnant and I kept on looking at her during the turbulence, yet she was so calm... that also calms me down a bit. I was so relief we landed safely.

Anyway, I haven't unpacked. I was not feeling quite well during my buying trip. I guess I was too exhausted before and during the trip.So I will be hibernating first for a day before start the photo shoot for CLOSET 5. Stay tune! =)

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