Monday, October 17, 2011

Bakpao Boldy

The first time I heard about Bakpao Boldy was from a site that offers discount promo in vouchers, Deal Keren. Originally it was from Malang since the early 50s and they recently open up a branch in Jakarta at Pluit area. I bought 2 vouchers with special discount of IDR 27k only for 6pcs of bakpao to take away (original price was 54k for 6pcs). In the voucher was stated that we need to make 1 day reservation in advance, so yesterday I called Bakpao Boldy for clearer details. The person picked up my phone explained to me that the reason of 1 day reservation in advance was necessary because the bakpao was made daily fresh without using any preservative, unlike some frozen bakpao in general. So if we make a booking in advance, we were ensured that the variant we want will be ready.

This morning I went there to picked up my orders. It was located at the culinary street, Pluit Sakti beside Apotek Putri. The owner was very friendly informing me about their daily fresh Bakpao and how they just opened for 2 months in Jakarta. They have 7 variants from babi cincang, babi kecap, ayam cincang, ayam kecap, tausa, kacang tanah and kacang hijau, where the most recommended were babi cincang, tausa and kacang tanah.

I just ate their babi cincang's and tausa, both were delicious. The buns were very soft and the filling were delicious. Oh yes, they put written mark below each Bakpao for us to identify each and every kinds. 

Bakpao Boldy 
Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya No. 117
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 60626539

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