Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beware and Be safe

This was a true story happened to me quite some time ago, I think around 3 years ago. I decided to write it in my blog in the hope that the story can be read by as many as people, in the hope that somehow after reading this people can be more aware, in the hope it will not be happened to anyone.

After the incident, I shared about this by sending massive emails to everyone at my Yahoo contact list, but lately I have been reading too many criminals news, too many broadcast message sharing about new types of deception that makes me want to blog about this. 

One morning, I was driving my dad to the airport. It was just the two of us. I parked my car at Departure parking lot Soekarno Hatta terminal 2E, second row beside an electricity pole. After we parked, I accompanied my dad entering the departure gate and after he went in, I walked to the parking lot to drive home. It was around 9 something in the morning. For the record, the parking lot was full with cars but not crowded with people. 

I got into my car, and thank God that it had become my habit that I always always lock the door the second I step in to the car, I never waited for the automatic lock. Just when I started up the engine, my window (the one in driver's seat) was getting knocked by a man, around 30s, polite appearance, like someone's driver. Bottom line, not looking like a bad person. I pressed the window button and let it open only an inch, just that I can hear what he was saying. More or less this was how the conversation went:

Man: (speaking politely) Miss, your back of the car, left side was broken. I think you accidentally hit the electricity pole when you parked the car earlier. 
Me: (in shocked) Really? how bad was it? 
Man: Quite bad, you should come down and see it. 
Me: (at that time, I don't have any suspicious towards that man as he was really looking like an ordinary normal driver type of person, but something just hold me to not get out from the car to check it out), so I said to him, "No need, thanks anyway", 
and I closed the window and was about to press the gas when another man knocking my other window (passenger side), and shouted but still in a polite way "You should really get out and check it first, as the damage was quite bad", I opened my window, again only an inch and said "No need, damage already, what need to be checked?" and I drove away. 

At that time, I was still not in any suspicious and the only thing that I think about was how bad was the damage and when should I bring it for insurance's claim. Approaching the exit ticket booth, there was quite a line of cars, and I decided to check on how bad was the damage. I got out from the car, went into the back and NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH was found. I got an instant goosebumps and quickly ran inside my car, lock the door and drive. 

It hit me, I was almost got trapped into a criminal deception case. Until this very day, I still really truly cannot imagine if at that time, I was in panic and trusted him to come down to check on my car, it was one thing if they only took my car and left, but what if they took me along? Gosh... If I remember that day, that incident, I still get the same goosebumps and I never stop thanking God for His guardian that He protected me that day and every single day. 

When we went on our honeymoon eleven months ago, there's a couple who now becoming a friend of us, and during one dinner, we were talking about all the criminal or deception cases mostly happen in Indonesia. The wife shared with me and my husband about the case above. I was surprised and told her that it was a true story happened to my self and that the broadcast email she received was originally from me. I am very glad that the email was broadcasted widely which is my true intention so as many as people can be alerted.

To all of you, boy or girl, anyone, please be extra careful. By posting this in my blog, I do sincerely hope all of you who happen to read this can help sharing this to all your friends and relatives. 

Thank you and be safe! 


Anonymous said...

ya ampun serem banget, thanks for the info, emang klo ada apa2 musti tenang ga boleh panik ngikutin situasi yah

Ivy said...

iyahh waktu g sadar klo g hampir kena tipu, ampe merinding g. :( kudu hati2 deh kmn2 skrg.