Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preview Lemon's CLOSET 5

It had been a sweet struggle for this CLOSET 5. Due to my lack of focus, I accidentally booked wrong return date which was 1 day earlier, so it was a shorten trip compare to my usual which forced us to be very punctual on the shopping schedule. Waking up earlier, days of rounding the shops without proper rest. And Bangkok was raining most of the time when we were there, unfavorable weather added with non proper rest resulting me not feeling well. In addition, which I have mentioned on my earlier post, our return flight was delayed for an hour due to heavy rain. It was my most unfavorable trips but the closet's collection turns out to be my favorite one so far. 

I hope the collections will be loved as much as I do. Will coming your way tomorrow, Oct 20th at 6pm only at: 

Stay tune! =)

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