Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kado ++

Even that I had resigned for quite some time, I am still coming to my work place once a month to assist on a regular event they had. Last week was my second time coming there as an ex-employee and the feeling was mutual with the first time. Cranky having to get up from bed so early, even crankier having to drove on that stupid traffic which I swear was getting worse and worse, but... having a blast catching up with old colleagues and distributors. 

After the event ended, me and couple of colleagues went for a dinner at Kado which recently just opened at Grand Indonesia. The feeling I had when I first saw and walked in was that the ambiance and how they decorated the place more like an Italian rather than Japanese. They designed it with light wood and brick to make it feel spacious and minimalistic with an open kitchen in the center. 

Their earlier outlet was at Intercontinental Mid Plaza and I heard one of their specialty was Kushiyaki. In some restaurants they called it Yakitori. To my knowledge, the term of Yakitori can be used to refer to any skewer food in general, while the term of Kushiyaki encompasses more on both poultry or non poultry items. Both mean the same actually, so the terms are use interchangeably in the Japanese society. 

The 3 of us decided to order 3 cups of Chawan Musi (22k) and shared a plate of Mix Moriawase (95k) 7pcs of Kushyiyaki, Original takoyaki (32k), and Yaki Onigiri (22k). Onigiri or known as rice ball was made from white japanese rice formed into triangular shapes filled with mostly salty or sour ingredients. It was a very popular food in Japan. We chose the one filled with salmon and dried bonito (fish flakes).

Chawan Musi
Original takoyaki
Mix Moriawase
Yaki Onigiri
The chawan musi came first and in my opinion, it was one of the unpleasant chawan musi I ever had. It was too small to start to, the egg was not soft like it was supposed to be and the condiments inside were cheap. The takoyaki was nice, the fish flake was generous and I like it how the filling just burst out when I chewed it and wasn't floury. Our yaki onigiri came, they actually have 2 kinds of Onigiri, original or yaki (grilled), we chose yaki one. The onigiri wasn't nice, the rice was too stern, I was not sure was it because it was grilled too long or it was supposed to be that stern, bottom line it was not good and same like the chawan musi, they were cheap on the filling. 
The kushiyaki came last in 7 pcs consisted of: 
Momo: leg meat
Tebasaki: wing
Gyu Karubi: beef belly
Gyutan: beef tongue
Ikada: green onion
Ninniku: garlic
The beef tongue and wings were nice, but the rest were very standard. 

Overall, to me the dinner was enjoyable only because of the nice chat I have with my colleagues, not so much on the food.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
West mall level 3A
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1A
Ph. +6221 23581871

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