Monday, October 24, 2011

The PlayGround

Saturday afternoon, me and my best friend went to the newest just opened restaurant at Plaza Indonesia named PlayGround. The place was located at the 4th flr extension near Ootoya. To me the design was nothing like playground, the only thing that was even close was there were several dining chairs hanging like a swing, other than that it didn't strike me as playground as the place was dark and none colorful. 

I asked the waiter for the specialty and he recommended to us from pasta selection, Katsutti (65k). It was like a donburi japanese rice topped with chicken katsu, egg and onion, but this Katsutti, instead of rice they used spaghetti. We followed the recommendation and order 1 Homemade abstract pizza (58k). The pizza topping changed daily and that day what they have was hmmm... something about cheese. I asked the waiter twice for the topping, but I still can't remember what he said. The bottom line, when the pizza came, I was dissapointed not because it was not good but it was a scary all cheese pizza and I can't eat anything dairy! Then the Katsutti came and again it has those dairy smell on the spaghetti, so I end up not touching both and my poor friend was forced to finish both, while on our way to Plaza Indonesia, she just told me that she was on diet. Hahaha

To ensure that I didn't ordering anything dairy again, I chose Good old american fried chicken (58k). It was a very standard fried chicken with rice and fries, nothing compare to my favorite junks, Colonel Sander's KFC. In my opinion, the only acceptable two things were the Bully iced tea (35k), an Iced tea with blueberry jam that very refreshing and unique. Another acceptable thing was the good service from the friendly waiter. Apart from that, I don't think the PlayGround was as enjoyable as the name. =) However, my friend who was a cheese lover said that the pizza was nice. 

Bully Iced Tea
Home Made Root Beer Float
Oh yes, I forgot to took picture of the interior. :( 

The PlayGround
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th flr
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30

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Dimas Wicaksono said...

Dinner at The Playground - Plaza Indonesia Extension last night was such a disappointment! The Restaurant itself has enormous potential, unfortunately this potential has not yet been realized, the meal was overcooked, and insufficient quality of service.