Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sinar Pagi

My mom's Sunday morning ritual is always waking up early to go to morning market and have breakfast with my dad. Even I never understood why on earth does anyone has to wake up that early on a Sunday, but I always thought it was sweet that my dad always accompanied my mom to the market, helping her carrying all the groceries, my mom loves to cook. You should see her refrigerator. 

Anyway, one of my folks' favorite breakfast was at Sinar Pagi in Muara Karang area. My mom said that the place developed from a small hawker in Muara Karang market into a Ruko near the area and always filled up with loyal eaters. One morning, mom told me that she wanted to have Lontong Sayur for her breakfast, so we went to Sinar Pagi. My mom ordered Lontong Sayur (18k) and I went for their Nasi Sayur with beef rendang (22k). And yes, both were deliciously yumm. I liked it how the Lontong's broth was not oily and seasoned well, and they were being generous on the condiments for both lontong and the rice. 

When you happen to be in the neighborhood, this place was a recommended breakfast place, not everyday though if you want to live a healthy life. ;)

Sinar Pagi 
Jl. Muara Karang Raya 
Enter from Toyota Showroom
North Jakarta 

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Aris Munandar said...

too oily and spicy for my liking. I prefer the one in Pasar Pluit, openend on saturday and sunday I think.