Saturday, October 8, 2011

Luna Negra

One day before my buying trip, I managed to squeeze a lunch date with a friend of mine, Merry. We decided to meet at Luna Negra. I haven't been here although the place had opened for quite some time and promptly becoming a must visit dining in town. It was Saturday afternoon and I have made reservation earlier as I heard all the sayings that Luna was always full booked, but when we reached there, the place was almost empty although I did see quite names on the reservation list, and yes the place start too filled up while we were eating. 

Entering Luna, there's a wine cellar on the left side and passing through the bar, we were guided to the dining tables. The place was nicely decorated, with bricks and dark woods where they put two big plastic trees in the center and there were big silver balls hanging between the trees. I loved the ambiance and how they design it. It immediately took place in my heart. 


Like all Italian bistro, we were given complimentary bread while we ordering. Luna served cuisine from Italian, Asian to Western, however the waiter told us that their specialty was Italian. We decided to have Pizza Calzone (92k) and a Tiramisu (48k) to shared. I ordered their Luna iced tea (25k). It was a homemade ice tea, black tea, black grass jelly with fresh mint leaf. I didn't like it, it was typical ice tea and the grass jelly was too thick to be drank using the straw only. However, I loved both the pizza and tiramisu. The value of the presentation and taste was equally balanced... in a positive way. Pizza calzone was a clam shapped pizza with the stuffing inside consisted of smoked beef, sauted mushroom, tomato sauce and mozzarella. The pizza dough was baked perfectly, not too thick, not too thin with a perfect seasoned for the stuffing. The mushrooms were delicious. While the tiramisu was a very smooth melted in your mouth type of dessert. 

In my opinion, Luna surely earned the right to be one of the must visit dining place. 

Luna Negra 
Plaza Bapindo, Citibank tower, GF 
Jl. Sudirman Kav. 54-55 
Ph. +6221 29950077

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