Monday, October 10, 2011

Ice Cream Durian Bang Didi

This was a post when I went to Bogor couple weeks ago. Every time we go there, our first stop is always at this Durian ice cream stall. This stall really serves the best durian ice cream. At least, until now I haven't found any others who can beat Bang Didi's. He was very generous in using the real durian fruit, unlike other vendors who used ice cream more than the fruit itself. It was a little heaven melted in mouth. Definitely recommended. 

They have 2 size of glass, small one was 8k and big one was 15k. To me the small one was more than enough, but I saw many people preferred the big one.

Guidance: From freeway exit Bogor, took left to Tajur and you will see a big supermarket on your left side. I cannot remember was it Hero or Giant. Beside it, you will see an alley, turn left and on your left you will see a stall beside the road named "Ice Cream Durian Bang Didi". You will find it for sure, the queuing line was too hard to missed.  

Ice Cream Durian Bang Didi
Alley next to Hero or Giant Supermarket
Tajur - Bogor 
Ph. +62813 87092696

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