Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemon on DRESSCODE Magz: December

December is coming! 

How I felt about December is always pro and cons. I don't like it that again another year will soon be passing away and that time flies so quick, but I couldn't help to feel excited on the Christmas joy. Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I somehow always love everything about it. The songs, Santa Claus, all the red and green decorations. 

Almost a year ago, We were having our honeymoon during Christmas and New year period. It was winter, even it was so freakin cold, I was very happy to have my first white Christmas. Still capture in my mind the streets were covered with big Christmas tree, red and green were everywhere with too many Santa Claus waving on us. Don't you just love Christmas? 
Too bad Indonesia is not one of the city who make big fuss about Christmas so I won't be seeing any big Christmas tree decorations. =( 

Anyway, buying trip is coming. I will be off until Dec 11th. However CLOSET 7 will be launched a little bit late as after my buying trip, I will be away on a holiday. Yes... Mama Lemon needs a break. ;) 

See you soon ladies with my upcoming gorgeous CLOSET 7!

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