Monday, November 21, 2011

Kana's Delight

About a month ago, I was offered to join a bazaar at Regatta, Pantai Mutiara but due to the dates that were not really suited my schedule, I chose to not participate, but I did stop by to look around. On that bazaar, there was a stand that caught my eyes. And yes, it was something about food... Dessert to be exact. They have a banner with a very tempting puddings labelled Kana's Delight. Eagerly to buy, sadly they were out of stock.

Couple days after that, I did some searching on Facebook and found out their pages and website. Very excited to make an order, but the ordering part on the website seemed to be error as my order kept on unconfirmed. They didn't put any contact details except for the BB pin, but days gone by and my friend request was not accepted. I was ran out idea on how to order and then I remember the organizer's of the bazaar at Regatta, she should have Kana's contact. Yes, I was craving that much. Once I got the contact details, I quickly texted Kana's and the owner called me, very friendly and helpful. 

The minimum quantity to order for the pudding is 10 cups. They have 5 flavors: Coconut, Durian, Kiwi, Mango with soursop and Cempedak. So I ordered 2 cups of each flavors. By right, the puddings will be delivered 2 days after we made the orders as they make it based on order to keep the freshness, but I was lucky that day as they have stocks and can be delivered later at the same day. 

The price of the small cups is 15k for the coconut toppings, while for the other 4 toppings cost 20k. The pudding have 3 layers: bottom layer was jelly, second layer was the topping and the top layer, they put chocolate shavings, which was unique and really bring sweet flavor on the pudding itself. The owner told me their favorites are coconut and durian toppings. For my personal taste buds, I loved the durian one. It was to die for. They really put the real durian fruit as the topping, not some ice cream or durian cream flavor like some durian's pancake filling. As for the rest of the topping, I didn't really fancy them, but everyone has their personal favorites. Even though the price is quite expensive for a small cup of puddings, but the durian one was worth it. =) 

Besides pudding, they also sell risoles. I was going to order at that time but immediately changed my mind when the minimum order for the risoles is 15pcs. I do hope they could make some arrangement to lower on the minimum order, so that for someone with small family like me can enjoy it without worrying how to finish the left over one. ;)

Kana's Delight 
Ph. +628159503655

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