Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Common People

Last Thursday, my girls and I met up at one of the most talked about eatery at Kemang, Common People. Took place at the same building where Praline used to be, the interior was warm and cozy. Unlike what might seem a bit old from the outside, the inside actually designed pretty nice. Dark colour brick walls with glass windows and big chandelier lamps. The big brown couches next to the windows added the whole warm vintage look.

Common People offers an all day breakfast besides international cuisine. We ordered a plate of Chocolate french toast with banana and caramel sauce (45k) for share, and each of us chose Eggs Benedict with crab patties (85k), Seafood paella served with king prawn, barramundi, squid and baby clams (100k), spaghetti pesto with seared scallops (85k) and Barbeque glazed pork belly with spring onion prata topped with crispy fried eggs (65k).  

The food presentation were gorgeous. I liked how they did with the plating and colors, unfortunately the taste blows. They didn't use bread on the french toast and egg benny, instead they used sponge cake. The cake was okay, but it didn't suitable to be paired up with eggs and toast. The spaghetti was horrible, bland and tasteless, I seriously think the chef forgot to put seasoning. The glazed pork belly took forever to be served, and wasn't taste good. They cooked it too long so it wasn't juicy and tender. The only still acceptable one might be the seafood paella, though personally to me it suitable more to be called as risotto, seeing how mushy and soft the rice was. We ended not finishing most of the food.

To draw a conclusion, except from the cozy ambiance and good concept design, I didn't see what's the fuss about this place. 

Common People
Plaza Bisnis Kemang 1, Ground Flr
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7181843

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