Monday, April 29, 2013

Luciole Bistro & Bar, Central Park

One of the so many essential things I must have in my life is my me time. My kind of me time is to spend a day with no one but me, either spending it at home by laying on the couch all day in front of  TV while doing the double B's, blogging and browsing, OR to spend a day out, go to the mall with hungry belly and no specific purpose. Being that addictive to myself (?), I was very much irritated with my occupied schedule these past few weeks. Though the reason of me being so occupied lately was not entirely work related, still I was in need for a perfect me time to complete my week. 

So couple days ago I was super excited to finally have a day for myself. After a careful thought, I decided to go to Central Park to try the recently opened bistro, Luciole. Despite the cloudy raining weather Jakarta's been having lately, it was super sunny that day, and Luciole was located at the tribeca park. Without knowing the exact location, I circled the park twice before I finally found the place. Between hunger from skipping breakfast, annoyed from difficulties in finding a parking spot and the unintended walks in super sunny tribeca park, I found my self never been so happy to meet the breezy chilin air-con inside the diner. 

Luciole bistro & bar positioned themselves in the center of tribeca park right in front of Sogo. The dimmed lights ambiance was very much contrast with the sunny weather outside. I happen to be seated next to the window, looking over to the park. A good spot actually, if I don't mind the dozen of Ibu-Ibu with overly high pitched voice were having arisan right beside my table. I would have move if it wasn't because it was the last table they have inside. It was too hot for me to say ok when the waiter offered me a change of table on their outdoor spot. So, I endured. ^^

The Victorian style bistro is not as spacious as it looked from the outside, maybe because some of the space were taken by the bar on the center and the outdoor terrace seating. For my lunch that day, I chose to have the Signature warm spinach salad (69k) and Salmon teriyaki with cold soba (85k)
The salad came in a pretty look. Warm spinach with super crisp turkey bacon and a perfect poached egg on the top. Though I couldn't say it was my favorite, but it was good. While the salmon soba came in simpler presentation. Cold soba on the side with glazed teriyaki salmon. I didn't fancy the soba as it was a bit too mushy for my personal like, but I loved the salmon. Beautifully seasoned and perfectly cooked. 

I was so close to choose an apple tart for my dessert, but when I saw the classic warm chocolate cake on their menu, I was sold the moment I read it was paired with rum raisin ice cream. I hate raisin, but I love rum! And it was such a smart choice. Their Warm chocolate cake with rum raisin ice cream (39k) was so good! As good as it looked. The melted chocolate inside the warm cake burst out generously as I cut a slice, the chocolate tasted a bit bitter which is perfect. Paired with the cold rum raisin ice cream and dipped the strawberry with the melted choco... Heaven! Their signature lemon tea was mixed with orange with pulp. Not a fan, but if you like pulp, you might like this one.

Even though Central Park filled with bunch of restaurants, most of the time I tend to get confused on what to eat so normally if I went there by my self, I often chose to eat at Bakerz Inn, one of my safe place to dine. Am happy to say that I think I have a new choice of good place to eat at Central Park. Gosh please keep it up... don't make me eat my own word on my next visit. 

Luciole Bistro & Bar
Central Park Mall
Tribeca Park Pavilion #01
Jl. Letjend S Parman kav 28
West Jakarta 11470
Ph. +6221 29200333
Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 10am - 12mid
                        Fri - Sat: 10am - 2am


Anya said...

The ambiance & warm chocolate cake are indeed heavenly. Try the lobster thermidore spaghetti, mushroom risotto or pan roasted chicken with potato lasagna, they're yummy good too ;)

Andrea Gns said...

Looks delicious!
Mau nyobain :3