Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Woon Tong Kee

One of the famous chicken rice in Singapore, Boon Tong Kee opened their first outlet in Jakarta not long ago. Taking a slightly different name on how it pronounced in Mandarin, Woon Tung Kee took place in one of the ruko along Kelapa Gading boulevard street. 
Several weeks ago, My family and I went there for a Sunday lunch. The brown building was buzzing with customers, the wait list area were packed until outside the restaurant. I was happy. It should be good, I took it as a good sign. Clearly, I assumed too soon.

By the time our name was called to be seated, we were quite surprised to see the menu came with quite pricey price tag, considering it was "only" a restaurant with chicken rice specialty, no matter how "big" the name they carry with. The signature boiled chicken (half) priced at 105k, same price with their crispy roast chicken (half)

I was expecting a scrumptious plates of chicken when the waiter came with the tray, but as he put down the plates, I lost my appetite, simply because the chicken looked so... sad. Half quarter of boiled and roasted chicken, both looking unappetizing with ridiculous portion of ginger and salted pickles. The taste? Poor. Tasted like an ordinary Hainan chicken in any random diners. Surely not what I had in mind when I heard the name "Boon Tong Kee". Although I didn't love the one I had in Spore, but it still comes with above average taste which make them stands out from other random chicken rice. Sadly, this one doesn't.

The next time I have a Hainan chicken's craving, I'll stick to the one at Soup restaurant or save my craving until I have a trip to Spore. Period. 

Woon Tong Kee
Boulevard Barat Blok LC 6 No. 36-37
Kelapa Gading Permai
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 4515553
(From MOI, go straight until you see line of ruko on your left before the intersection)


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Doesn't live up to its glory in Singapore yah. Too bad.
Atau ini sebenernya alasan untuk tetep travel ke Singapur? =p

Selfish Jean said...

You should try the sweet and sour pork. Or the fried tofu and oatmeal fish ;)