Friday, April 12, 2013

Kopi Kitchen

While waiting for Silver linings playbook, we had quite some time to kill but not in the mood to wonder around the mall, so when we passed by this clean sleek all white looking diners, we decided to rest our lazy feet while ordering some drinks.
At first, I thought it was a common Kopitiam style diners serving simple and limited Chinese/ Malaysian type of F&B. Not trying to be shallow by guessing from the diners' name, but somehow when I heard kopi (spell: coffee) and kitchen, my mind goes instantly to Kopitiam. Looking from the interior and type of menu they served, we could say that this one is an English version Kopitiam

As I was passing through their cakes display, I stopped, bend down and awing all those tempting sinful cakes, it was partly heaven for cake lovers. Between counting quickly all the fats I just had at Friday's and the concern that my belly will be seriously bloated if I dare to put in another food inside, I shake my head when the waiter asked me if I care to have one, continuing my steps to our seats, and ordered a hot Japanese green tea (21k) for myself and coffee latte (30k) for hubs.

Around 5 minutes later, a waiter passed by dropping a plate of what it looks like one of the most mouthwatering looking of chocolate waffle to the table next to us. Took me not more than 10 seconds to order the same thing he just delivered to them, Chocolate chunk waffles (36k).

Gosh... what is up with all the temptations? I was sold on second attempt. Talk about low self  defense on dessert. But did I regret that I was being so easy tempted? Nah... It was one of the most delicious chocolate waffle. I like the warm soft waffle and the generous "a bit bitter" chocolate sauce and those chunky chocolate bites. All I can say is thank you for not giving up on "seducing" me the first time. 

Kopi Kitchen 
Plaza Lippo Kemang - Kemang Village
Avenue of the stars - UG floor
Jl. Pangeran Antasari, Kemang
South Jakarta

Other branch: Kuningan City 

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gw suka red velvetnya kopi kitchen..