Friday, October 31, 2014

Fukuro Dining & Sake Bar SCBD

I don't have favorite food but I always have more love when it comes to Japanese food, especially when it had to do with sashimi. I honestly couldn't understand how some people can't eat sashimi when it is one of nature's most precious food. Anyway, when a friend of mine told me she just had a pleasant dinner at this new Japanese restaurant at Fairgrounds SCBD, I couldn't help but to go there as early as I can. 

Fukuro Dining & Sake Bar just opened for about a month, it located outside Fairgrounds and next to Kinokawa and Tori Ya. From outside, the dining looks really small but turns out it's one of those L-shape kind of room where as you enter and turn, you'll be brought into a spacious room. If you've been to Liberte at Pacific Place, the room shape is just like that. 

I just went there this afternoon with my friend who also a hardcore Japanese food fans. The place was a mess as they were setting up Halloween props for tonight's event. Luckily they still open for lunch as long as we don't mind a bit chaos. The service? A+. Despite they were busy on preparing the set up and we were the only two customers, the service was very polite, attentive and fast. The friendly staff shared with us their boss, Fukuro's owner is Japanese. The mom has a Japanese restaurant, Hanabusa in Tokyo and now they brought in Japanese chef and open another brand with same cuisine here in Jakarta.  

Honestly, interior wise, I wouldn't say that I like the place. The way they did with the place is more into darker ambiance with black furniture while I am always someone who prefers bright room. Plus I don't really get what they are trying to do with the concept. They have several sections and walls with different kinds of displays, one side they have Koi fish prints, another side they have these scary looking masks hanging on the walls, other part of the walls they have these kind of toys robot (I know it's popular one but I couldn't recall the names!), then at the bar they have these pretty intense murals but then they put a huge pink owl at the side. I just felt the designs are messy and not connected one to another. But hey, I like the food and how serious they are on the presentation!

Important information to take note to is they have separate menu for lunch and dinner. At the moment, they only serve four kinds of set menus for lunch and more options for dinner. My friend who recommended me the place told me to must order their sashimi menu which happen to be their dinner menu. Luckily the super kind staff made an exception to make it available for our lunch. Yay! 

I would say the lunch set menus are quite affordable. Ranging fom 90k - 250k and all sets come with Miso soup, Mugicha (hot or cold) and 1 scoop of Matcha ice cream. We went with the Sushi set (150k) and love love love them! Inside the "lunch box", it has 3 Nigiri, 3 Maki roll, 1 Inari, Wagyu teriyaki, mini Chawanmushi, Wagyu croquette and Sesame spinach

Everything was served in perfection. The sushi were fresh, the Wagyu croquette was amazing, crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside. I would so order this again next time. As for the miso soup, unlike other place where it only comes with soft tofu inside the soup, here the miso soup comes with boiled sweet yams and salmon! Yes, you I didn't write wrong, it comes with salmon and the yams were sweet and soft, so good!

Now, for the Sashimi! I have to applaud them for the unique presentation. They didn't have any names for it, but I call them Sashimi staircases. Everything plated is like steps of goodness! It comes with two options, All salmon (200k) or Half salmon and fatty tuna (350k). Me, of course chose the latter one. So, the tiers has mix of salmon and fatty tuna sashimi with egg custard. Was it good? Yes. Though I do expect they will come in thicker cuts. It was not the best sashimi I've had in town, but it was good and fresh.

At the moment, I always recommend Sushi Masa to be one of the best one for good quality of sashimi. But since it's located at North, it might be quite far for people at South. If you find Kinokawa is too pricey, Fukuro might comes as a good Japanese dining with less pricey price tags. 

Fukuro Dining & Sake Bar
Kawasan SCBD Lot 14 Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 51400821
Opening hours: 11am - 1am 
Instagram: @fukurodining
Price range: 50k - 500k 

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