Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MapoGalmaegi PIK Jakarta

MAGAL, shorts for MapoGalmaegi is a new Korean restaurant specializing in Galmaegisal (skirtmeat). With over 450 stores in Korea, 25 in China, 3 in USA, 1 in Thailand, they finally have their first store in Jakarta located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, few shops away from P&B

When we walked in few nights ago, I was glad to find the seating arrangement were nicely done. It has enough space between each tables so customers would feel less cramped. Though I would recommend you to sit at the square tables instead of the round one like we did. It will give you more space for all the food, not to mention the complimentary banchan.

As a fan of eggs, I always love to find Korean BBQ restaurant that has a grill with an egg ring. You know, that kind of grill with side circle ring where they pour egg mixture which later cooked into a moist soft eggs. Well, MAGAL has that one. Love! And, they put chopped of kimchi on the ring before they pour the egg dough, so later when it cooked, the eggs would have a nice hint of kimchi taste. :)

Their specialty is Galmaegisal (skirtmeat). Galmaegisal is part of pork meat right beneath the ribs. Usually that part comes with lesser fat. They have several set menu options ranging from 399 - 598k, but we went for the ala carte. The Mapogalmaegi (mapo pork skirtmeat) 95.8k was very tender, and yes, you would notice the less fat, but we personally didn't really like it, it felt more like satay meat and we were not too fond of the sweet taste.

However, their Mapokalsamgyeopsal (Mapo pork belly) 95.8k was really good. I loved how they have options of thin or thick for the pork belly. We, of course went for the thick one and it was really good. The meat was tender and comes with a little fat, but we all know that's the best part as it makes the meat juicier. I recommend the pork belly as a must try. :)

Remember to opt for the thicker cut!

Dolsotbibimbap (Hot stone mix rice with veggie and beef) 89.8k and Japchae (89.8k) always comes as a good complement while having Korean BBQ. I wouldn't say theirs were the best I've had, but they were both pretty okay and the portion were big.

I would say we had quite a dinner at MAGAL. Not to mention they have variety of other options besides BBQ grill like the tteokboki, pajeon and when I have the next visit, I'll try the Kkotsalbulchobap, it's their version of sushi covered with boneless short rib. To end my post, I'll quote you their tagline, be ready to fall in love with MAGAL! Thank you for reading.

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No.11
(Next to Pondok Sedap Malam)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29525780
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm Daily
Price range: 65k - 300k