Monday, October 20, 2014

Robata Jinya Indonesia

I rarely go to Gandaria City mainly because of two reasons. One, it's quite far from where I live. Second, I don't see any interesting thing attracts me to go there. Well at least not until I heard that Robata Jinya opens there. Robata Jinya is a Japanese restaurant originated from West Hollywood. The one in Hollywood itself has been reviewed several times by the local media, mostly for their powerful ramen. 

I would say I like the exterior better than the inside. I don't really fancy the dark ambiance, with the low ceiling and the red table settings, it just make the whole place look more cramped.

We ordered their Robata yaki; Tender beef tongue (25k), Sunagimo (chicken gizzard), beef & garlic with Japanese bbq sauce (43k). We also had the jellyfish salad (35k), BSC roll (98k) and the Oxtail Ramen (98k). 

Their Robata yaki were disappointing. Especially the beef & garlic. The meat was hard as rock. Such a waste for 43k. The jellyfish salad was just okay, I did like the texture of the jellyfish put on top of wakame salad. As for the BSC roll, it shorts for baked scallop roll. The waiter put fire on the salt next to the roll. Aside from the overly used of mayo and sauce on the sushi, it was tasted quite good. I forgot to take the picture of the ramen, but it was the best of the others on the table. The broth was flavorful and comes with tender and huge oxtail.

It was sad how we didn't enjoy our lunch. Aside from the ramen, all the menu was just so so. Not worth the money and not up to the big name of Robata Jinya. We also order their Robata Bento box (120k). The good side is, portion wise, totally worth money spent. Flavor wise? Not so much. The bento comes with 3pcs of Robatayaki (chicken tigh, chicken breast, chicken balls), tempura, kaarage, spicy creamy shrimp with rice and miso soup. The rice was rough, not fluffy and tender like those perfect rice found in Japanese and Korean restaurant. The robatayaki was so salty that we hardly finish. But the shrimp, tempura and the kaarage were decent. For a 120k, it was very worth the portion size. Too bad the taste was not in favor of.

They hang a lot of articles featuring the reviews of their ramen by LA Times and LA Weekly. I guess if I ever do come back, I'll stick to its ramen.

Robata Jinya
Gandaria City Mainstreet Ground Flr #MG-07
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta
Ph. +622129236418

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