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IKEA Alam Sutera Indonesia

I am one happy kid when I learned Indonesia will finally have its own IKEA's franchise store. When they finally open its door at Alam Sutera on Oct 15th, I was one of those anxious first day visitors. Even on their first day opening, the crowds were insanely massive!

So, before I start on the post, some things to take note!
1. You could parked at Mall Alam Sutera and took free shuttle bus from there to IKEA. The spacious parking lot is located at the basement and could accommodate more than 1,200 cars. But still not enough apparently. I've been to IKEA twice. First visit, I was there around 1pm and the parking lot were FULL so we parked at the mall. Second visit, I reached there at 9.30am. Perfect timing, no crowds, empty parking space. Be there early if you want to get a spot at their parking lot! I think the crazy massive crowds will still going strong for the next 2 months. Oh yes, the parking at IKEA is free

2.  The canteen opens at 9.30am, but only for breakfast menu (fried rice, toasts and eggs). The Swedish meatballs, baked chicken leg or poached salmon are only available at 11am onwards.

3. The canteen's concept is fast food. You took your own tray, queue up, order and pay at the cashier. Payment can be done by cash, debit card or credit card. Same method for take away. Hot drinks like coffee & tea and soft drinks are refillable at the drink station. They also have microwave ready on the ketchup and chilli station incase you want to heat the food. 

4. Following their eco-friendly concept, they don't provide grocery plastic bags. You could buy the IKEA blue plastic bag for 9,9k or take your own grocery bag from home. Though I am quite confuse with the whole eco-friendly thing when I saw they being too generous on the tissue at canteen. 

5. No hand carrying is allowed inside the stores. So, if you have plastic bags and stuffs, you can keep them at the locker on 1st floor. There is also ATM machine on the 1st floor near Sweden food market and the other one on the second floor in front of the restaurant near the toilets.

6. The store is huge! Two storey with no exit until the end. They arrange it in a way where customer will have to enter from the showroom area on the second floor, all the way down to the market place on the first floor. Ladies, keep your heels at home! 
If you facing trouble on which way to take, follow the arrow below. It will make sure to lead you to entire IKEA's areas. 

IKEA's Restaurant popularly known as IKEA's Canteen

My first time munching on the popular meatballs was probably 5 years ago at IKEA Hong Kong, it was good but not mind blowing good. Honestly speaking, I don't see what's the rave over those meatballs and the lingonberry jam. I had it once and never really crave for second. I still wanted to try though but no luck. Two visits, no meatballs. First visit, got headache just looking at the queue so we skipped the initial lunch plan. Second visit, the meatballs were not available for the whole day. 

Just like at other countries, IKEA's canteen comes with affordable price range. The price stated is nett price, tax inclusive. We settled for the Baked chicken leg with dill sauce (35k), Fried chicken, Shrimp cutlet (8k) and Chocolate brownies. I would say the baked chicken leg was more than expectation. For a 35k fast food kind of chicken, it was a good one. The chicken despite losing the warmness as it was not made upon order, was very tender and well seasoned. The mashed potatoes were soft and not lumpy. As soon as I saw the creamy look of the dill sauce, I ordered an extra mushroom gravy for backup plan just incase the dill sauce was too creamy and milky for my palate, but it wasn't. I still like the mushroom gravy more, but the dill sauce itself wasn't bad.

I liked the shrimp cutlet. Nicely fried. Good enough for a side dishes. But the chicken thigh was a disappointment. It was fried too long that it had burnt texture and taste. The chocolate brownies was pretty alright for something sweet.

I must say our lunch at IKEA's canteen was nicer than what I expected. Too bad we didn't have the chance to try the halal version meatballs, but soon though seeing I might be going there again around next week. Will update a review on the meatballs.

IKEA's Sweden Market & Food Counter

At the first floor, there is a small grocery store that specially sells imported snacks and cookies from Sweden. I bought one of the gingersnaps cookies and it tasted so good! If you know a local cookies brand easily found in supermarket named "Verkade", this one tasted similar with the ginger and clove taste, only lighter. For 80k per pack, it's a must buy for cookie monster. 

There's also a small food counter that sells hotdogs, ice cream cone and bread stuffed with spicy chicken. I saw a lot of people queuing for the 4k vanilla ice cream cone. I didn't dare to buy as it looks too milky and I don't do dairy. 

IKEA's showroom

While most people are excited for the Swedish meatballs, I find my self leaning towards more on the furnishing products. Hubs and I are in the middle of moving to a new home. Having IKEA to open in Alam Sutera during our house renovation happens to be a good news. Another good options to choose, especially seeing how the price is quite pocket friendly. Though I am not that keen on buying their furniture as I don't really fancy the idea of having mass products from a well known brand, where people tend to end up having same stuff. Still, it was so much FUN to see their showroom. So many great ideas, unique stuffs and beautiful colorful designs. 

The company is known for its modern architectural designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity. One of my bestie is an interior designer and she told me that IKEA's product quality is not that good. Well, probably. But I still applaud them for the unique and creative designs. So many options to choose here compare to Vinoti Living, Informa, or Zara Home.

Say YES to shabby chic pantry!

Been eye-ing this on first visit, took it home on second visit. I always have a thing for plaid sheets! It comes in pink and navy. Chose navy with no doubt. I'm always a bit boyish than girly.

Only IKEA can turn a standard chair to look these cute!

Seriously there are so many nice stuffs! My favorite part? These cushions and flowers! Love! The cushions are soooo fluffy and soft. Am so going to buy these once the house renovation is done.

Flowers everywhere!

IKEA's Market Place

Once you done awing all the pretty showcases in their showroom, you will be guided to walk down the stairs to the IKEA's store, the place where you can purchase all the stuffs you've been looking at their showroom. 

Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45
Alam Sutera
Serpong, Tangerang
Ph. +6221 29853900
Opening hours:
Store 10am - 10pm
Canteen 9.30am - 9pm

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