Thursday, October 23, 2014

LOKA Flavor Bliss Feat. The Baker Hood & Food Theatre

As you may have known, Flavor Bliss is a large complex at Alam Sutera just opposite Mall Living World. Inside the place you would find restaurants mostly, though there is also a factory outlet and the recently opened largest supermarket in the area, LOKA. 

I was there just to see what LOKA looks like. I have always love going for grocery especially the one claimed to be one of the largest. The place doesn't seem too large, I mean it is big but not big BIG. They do have complete and imported products that some are not easy to find in other supermarkets. And I love their colorful trolleys. I remember I did take several shots of LOKA and the cute trolleys but I somehow must have deleted them, my bad. 

Anyway, there's a restaurant across them, Food Theater, with ingredients coming from products sold at LOKA.During our visit, the restaurant has not fully operated. We could order the menu and have it at Baker Hood, the bakery shop inside LOKA since the seating inside the restaurant was not ready yet. They have several food stations divided into Western, Italian and Asian cuisines. 

The pictures shown are mixture of the restaurant and the bakery. I do like the shabby chic concept at the Food Theater. It should be quite cozy place to hang when they are fully operated. However personally I like the Baker Hood's more. I feel the design is more homey. After all who can resist dining inside a bakery full of fresh breads aroma?

Since the place didn't look to promising, we only ordered their Kampoeng fried rice and Bolognese fries. I can't remember the price but it was not expensive. The fried rice came with a sunny side up, fried chicken thigh and shrimp crackers. It tasted so so, a bit lack of seasoning. The fries was not my kind of fries as it was soft and flabby, but I did like the bolognese sauce. I wonder if it was packaging or homemade though. 

Both eatery is only okay for dropping by if you happen to be doing grocery shopping at LOKA. Oh yes, they also have The Philocoffee for the coffee lovers.

LOKA at Flavor Bliss
Kawasan The Flavor Bliss 2
No. 18B, 19, 20, 21, 22
Alam Sutera, Serpong Tangerang
Ph. +6221 29005141
FB: Loka Indonesia

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