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Ivy's Travel:Singapore Food Diary II

Just got back from another Spore's short trip. Everyone has their personal favorite place for a short escape. Mine has always been Singapore, not only for it's short distance, but more on how they make me feel. Comfort. It's always, always feels good whenever I'm back in the city. And yes, another food hunts...

Address: Mandarin Gallery #02-05
333A Orchard Road
Ph. +65 67321565
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 11pm
Nearest MRT: Sommerset

I heard Providore is quite famous for its deli and breakfast menu, so my aim was to have their breakfast. Little that I know their breakfast menu only available until 12 noon on the weekday, and I reached there almost 1pm. Hence, I have to settle with their lunch menu. I went with the Chorizo Iberico ($19.5) and wasn't really happy about it. I mean, it tasted good, beautiful seasoning, love the rich tomato sauce and the crisp toasted bread, the sausage was okay too, just not my kind of pork sausage.

Luckily the dessert, Chocolate crunchy hazelnut ($8.5) suited my palate more. It was moist, very soft and layered with generous crunch of hazelnut.  

Address: B1-02A Robinsons
260 Orchard Road
Ph. +65 67375581
Opening hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Instagram: @gyozaya
Nearest MRT: Sommerset

I have always been a fan of gyoza and when I found out about this Japanese restaurant specialize in gyoza, I quickly include it on the "to try" list. The place located inside the new Robinsons building across Mandarin Gallery. It was in the basement where you can do some window shopping before hand. Trust me, Robinsons has some serious nice stuffs! 

Anyway, I went for the Pan fried dumpling pork ($4.8) and Torinankotsu tatsutaage (crispy chicken soft bone) $3.8. The dumpling is one of the best I've had. It was crisp on the outside with perfect texture and thickness of dumpling's skin, and juicy on the inside. Loved it! And if you like chicken soft bone, you've got to try their torinankotsu

Address: B2 Takashimaya @Ngee Ann City, Orchard Rd
Nearest MRT: Orchard

Okay, I am not really a fan of chocolate ice cream, but I could never say no to Godiva. The soft serve chocolate ice cream cone was not cheap, cost me $8 but it was worth the rich taste. The ice cream was very soft and I loved the dark chocolate they used so it was not overly sweet. I hope Godiva Plaza Indonesia will have this on the menu soon. 

Address: #02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Ph. +65 67334541
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm
Sat - Sun 11am - 10pm
Nearest MRT: Sommerset

Speaking about Tonkatsu in Singapore, two mostly claimed as best, Tonkichi and Ma Maison. I've tried Tonkichi before (read review here) and it was good. Then over the years, I simply forgotten to try Ma Maison until this trip. It's a common thing to have crowds over new restaurants, but having to open for years and still have massive crowds with queuing even on weekdays? That's fabulous! And it's exactly what seen at Ma Maison. I ordered the Premium Kurobuta set ($39) and it tasted really really good! The pork was super premium, very tender and juicy. Plus we could ask for cabbage and rice refill as much as we want, though basically almost all tonkatsu restaurants have the same policy. So, was it worth the queue? YES. Was it worth the price? YES.

Address: #01-12 Tai Hwa Eating House
Block 466 Crawford Lane
Opening hours: 9.30am - 7pm (normally sold out at 5pm)
Closed every Monday of the 1st and 3rd week
Nearest MRT: Lavender
Directions: Alight at Lavender station and take exit A, turn left and cross the street to ICA (immigration and check authority) building. Tai Hwa eating house is located behind ICA, below HDB flat of Crawford lane. If you see any police officer in front of ICA, just ask the directions to 466 Crawford Lane.

This is my most awaited food to try on this trip. I was extremely curious about their utterly famous Bak Chor Mee (noodle with minced pork). One, because so many people claimed they have the best bak chor mee; two, because it's chosen as the best five bak chor mee by Straits Times. I went here twice only to have disappointment on my first visit as the queue was crazy beyond belief. The next day, I went back around 9am before they open at 9.30am, I got no 5 for the queue number.
Tips: If you come early before they open (and you must if you want to avoid the crazy queue), you will notice no one is queuing, but that is only because their policy is no queue lane before they open, BUT you need to take a queue number and come back when they are open. Of course, if you arrived after 9.30 when the stalls open, no queue number is needed, just get into the line, where yes, I assure you, there will be line.
So, the question is, is it really that good? Yes. It is that good. It's not out of the world good, but it's good enough to have me promise that I'll be back for another visit the next time I'm in town. The noodle has 4 options of portions, $5, $6, $8 and $10. The one in the picture is a $6 one. You can choose two kinds of noodles, thin or wide one, I chose wide one. The flavor and seasoning was just right.

Address: 48 Arab street
Ph. +65 97344187
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu 10am - 10pm
Fri - Sat 10am - 12mid
Sun 10am - 10pm
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Directions: Alight at Bugis station, exit B (Raffles hospital). Just go straight with the hospital at your left. On the intersection, you will pass Bali Lane Rd, cross the road and you will see Haji Lane & Arab street next to it. 

The streets of Haji Lane

Haji Lane is one of the popular area in Spore. The street is full with clothing boutiques and unique vintage shops. With the street getting fame, there are some small cafes start to open at or around the area, including this petite cafe at Arab street. Working Title focus on serving American food. All day brunch, pizza, burger, sandwich and mouthwatering desserts displayed on the front shelf, including the grasshopper pie. The place felt a bit rustic, but not really my kind of place. It has dark ambiance, semi self service where you go order and pay at the cashier and your order will be delivered to you. I went for their All day big breakfast ($14.9) which comes with chicken sausage, turkey ham, sunny side ups, tater tots, mushrooms with toasted breads, and though the portion worth the price, I feel it doesn't really did so on the taste.

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road
Ph. +65 62925271
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Instagram: @thetiramisuhero
Nearest MRT: Lavender
Directions: Alight at Lavender and take exit A. From V Lavender hotel just go straight towards Horne road with Stadium on your left ntil the end of road and you will see The Tiramisu Hero across the street not far after you turn left.

One of the highlight on this trip. I have been wanting to visit The Tiramisu Hero during my few last trips but either I forgot, didn't have the time or it fell on Wednesday which is their closing day. This trip I make sure to make it top priority and I'm glad I did. The Tiramisu Hero often been said as one who serve the best tiramisu in town. It comes with many variety of tiramisu; original, strawberry, milo, lemon lavender, cinnamon and chocolate. I tried the original and tiramisu on my visit and love the original one so much! It was very very good, soft, smooth, silky. The lady finger texture and the hint of coffee taste just excellent. I didn't quite like the strawberry as I felt they put too much whipped cream, but bravo on the original one. Will definitely back for more visits. Price per jar is around $8.5.

So, Singapore... Always a pleasure. Until next time!

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