Thursday, October 16, 2014


I went for another hearty lunch at HokBen to try their new seasonal menu, #HotNFreshChicken Steak. Chicken is one of my most loveable kind of protein. I feel it goes well with any kind of cooking method, fried, grilled, sauteed, or even steamed. Honestly, besides I haven't tried it before, one of the reason I went for their chicken steak is because I was in sort of calorie intake controlling, and I feel their chicken steak will suits me as it was grilled, not fried, so lesser oil will definitely checked. 

At this round of visit, I managed to take another closer look on HokBen's new outlet and notice they have this separate area meant for personal function, like birthday party, private meeting, office meal gathering, etc. It's good right? So people who want to have their event held at HokBen could really have privacy separate from public's crowds.

The portion of chicken steak (30k) is enough to fill a hungry belly. People mostly tend to prefer thigh than breast when it comes to part of chicken as it was juicier. I, personally always prefer breast part as it has lesser fat.

I love the fact HokBen's chicken steak used the breast part and grilled with teriyaki seasoning. The meat was tender and well marinated. The teriyaki sauce was well tasted. I'm glad all my meals at HokBen remains to be satisfying. Having a good meal doesn't always mean ripping your wallet, right?

Oh, don't forget the #HotNFresh chicken steak is only available until December 2014. 

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