Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tori Ya by Kinokawa SCBD Jakarta

Kinokawa lovers shall be happy for two things; First, Kinokawa finally opens second outlet at SCBD area, side by side with Tori-Ya, a new Japanese eatery proudly brought by the same management which, yes, is the second happy news for Kinokawa-ers. 

For Japanese food lovers, Kinokawa is well known mostly for its great quality of sashimi and expensive omakase. My Kinokawa's visit is not more than three times, but I agree so much that they serve one of the best sashimi in town. So when I heard a new Japanese opens under them, an expectation raised, just like that.

The eatery looks humble from outside with Japanese look a like entrance, the place is not spacious but I immediately like the natural bright lighting strikes all over the room. There's an open space room with colorful murals all over the walls, I was not really attached to the idea as I found the murals painted too bright and messy, personally I prefer their yakitori bar instead. I liked the simplicity of the sake bottles on the shelves and the colorful chairs along the bar.

Anyway, if Kinokawa is more on fresh sushi and sashimi, Tori Ya is more on the yakitori, udon and donburi. We started with Kinokawa Pizza (70k), a Kinokawa izakaya’s favorite thin crust miso pizza with fresh tomato and truffle oil. The strong smells of cheese overpowering the essense of truffle oil. Though its not my favorite, but cheese lovers will absolutely love this thin crisp pizza. 

Gyu tan (ox tongue) is like my absolute favorite beef part and their Gyu tan (36k/ 2pc) was very good. It was not the best I’ve had so far, but it was a good one. Tender? Juicy? Succulent? you name it and the answer is yes, yes and yes. The Ika (36k/ 2pc), grilled squid would be excellent if it wasn’t ruined by the too salty use of sume sauce. 

Our main course, Wagyu egg don (180k) and Unagi okra don (145k), honestly speaking was better in the appearance than the taste itself. My barbeque wagyu was well marinated, tender meat, with fried egg and beautiful runny egg yolk on the centre, overall was okay, but having to pay 180k, I personally expected more mind blowing taste. As for the Unagi don, the ell was well grilled but again, we somehow feel it was just too mediocre. Oh yes, and both rice wasn’t soft and fluffy enough. 

The lunch was good, worth to try, prompt with good service. It just wasn’t out of the world good type of lunch. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck Tori-Ya!

Tori Ya by Kinokawa
Fairgrounds (ex Bengkel nightpark)
SCBD lot 14
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 51402384
Opening hours: 10am - 2pm 
                        6pm - 10pm
Price range: 25 - 180k

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