Monday, September 15, 2014

Naka Nakaya STC Jakarta

Still in my search to find the best Gyutan in town, we stumbled on Naka Nakaya at Senayan Trade Centre. Naka Nakaya is a Japanese restaurant under the same management as Sumiya, also a Japanese eatery at the same building. My visit to Naka Nakaya also was my first visit to STC. Though the building stands next to one of my most frequent mall to go to, I don't see any particular reason for me to visit them, until that several weeks ago.

The place comes with dimmed light and the dark wood furniture enhance the overall warm ambiance. The seating comes in partitions and we saw a lot of the customers were Japanese. Hubs and I didn't order much as we planned to eat at Sumiya after, so we kinda spare some rooms for the later one. We end up not going though, as even we didn't order plenty, but we felt pretty full afterwards. I have never been to Sumiya, but I know they have sushi selections on their menu, while Naka Nakaya is more on yakitori, ramen, hotpot and donburi. 

Complimentary Edamame to start our dinner
Salmon Sashimi (63k)
Hubs and I are sashimi sluts. We just love sashimi and never leave out sashimi salmon whenever we see it available in the menu, unless we know the place not really serving fresh ones.

Saba Shio Yaki (Grilled Mackerel) 63k
The fish was fresh, but it was over seasoned. So salty that even hubs, the king of salty food, thinks it was way too salty. 

Gyu Tan Yaki (beef tongue) 58k 
I have a sickness in Gyu tan. I just love them too much and die die so wanna go to Melbourne to try the famous Gyutan don at Menya. *finger crossed next year I will be* The one in Naka Nakaya was very good. Just like how gyutan supposed to be, it was chewy tender and juicy. So good! 

Koro Koro Steak (98k)
Saving the best for last review. The Koro Koro steak is so damn GOOD!!! Gosh, I hope to die that it will forever remains as good as how I am going to tell you now, because if it is, I shall recommend it to every Japanese food freaks that I know. The dice cut beef was properly cooked that it was well seasoned, so juicy and tender, feels like it melted in mouth. As I happen to love veggies, the beansprouts under the beef came as a bonus point.
Please oh please make it consistently good and I'll be a regular, promise. 

Complimentary coffee jelly to end our dinner

That day might be my first visit to STC, but it sure won't be my last.

Naka Nakaya Tokyo Dining
Senayan Trade Centre Mall LG flr 106
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX
Gelora Senayan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57931751

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