Wednesday, September 17, 2014

HokBen's #HotNFresh SAKANA KATSU

Established since 1985, Hoka Hoka Bento or popularly known for their shorts, HokBen, is one of my comfort fast food. I remember spending most of my lunch times at HokBen during my college years, not only because it's pocket friendly, but I happen to love their food. I have tried every single menus at HokBen, no kidding.

Nowadays whenever I had my HokBen's craving, I mostly order online for efficiency but few days ago, I was around the neighborhood when I passed by HokBen's new outlet and decided to have my lunch on the spot. I like the way they improve the appearance with more minimalist concept and the bright yellow signage. The place looks modern and neat with its bright lighting.

It's good that even for a brand as well known as they are, they still strive to come out with new menus to add variety for their loyal customers along with the tagline "We make it better". I tried their new seasonal menu which only available until Dec 2014, #HotNFresh Sakana Katsu, fish katsu breaded with Hokben's signature batter.

Just like what written in the chopstick, good things does come in pairs. One portion of Sakana Katsu comes in a pair of crunchy breaded katsu cut in eight slices. I always like how HokBen's fried the batter so light and crunch, and that's how Sakana katsu's taste. The fish was fresh, soft with no fishy smell, while the outside was well fried, so crisp and not oily at all.

As always, all menu from HokBen comes with their signature salad which until now, still remains as one of my favorite salad that I always order extra plate. It's funny since I don't normally go for salad with over dressings, but HokBen's just nailed it.

With only 30k nett, I'm glad to say their Sakana Katsu tasted well for my palate. The menu is seasonal only, so if you are curious on how it taste, make sure you head to their outlet before December 2014.

Hoka Hoka Bento
FB: Hoka Hoka Bento
Twitter: @HokBen
Delivery: 500-505

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