Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brewerkz Jakarta

It's always feels good to visit a new restaurant in town, especially if it comes with great food and nice ambiance. At Brewerkz,you can easily get both. Brewerkz is a Singapore's award winning microbrewery restaurant founded in 1997. After having 4 outlets at Singapore, they branched out and picked Indonesia (Jakarta to be exact) as the first country for their International market expand. 

I have never been nor heard about Brewerkz until they open their first location in Jakarta, inside the Crystal Lagoon at Senayan City. Though, it's not hard not to like them even only by two visits. The restaurant offers American western food with a specialty of microbrewery beer. They have their own custom-made microbrewery built, equipped specially fabricated fermentation tanks that have been designed to produces over 2,500 hectoliters of beer per annum. At the moment, it's not available in Jakarta yet but it will be soon. 

I have always had a thing for leather... Name it on bags or couches, I love the smell of a good fine leather not to mention the look of it. Brewerkz's design has gotten my approval from the beginning. The leather couches, the warm ambiance, the dimmed light, I always love these kind of rustic American style restaurant. Union, Loewy, E&O shares similar designs and I have loved every single one of them. One downside is probably the smoking policy they had, probably to match with their concept of having customer to drink beer along with watching games at the wide screen, but I still feel they should at least think about the non smokers' customers. 

The private room can be rent for meeting purpose. Love how they make it contrast with other part of the room. The clean white backdrop sure brighten the spot.

My first visit was by my self. I was there for another Browhaus' appointment and deciding to have a lunch here when I saw their banner at the lobby. The menu has variety of American food from their popular Singapore BLT burger, steaks, sandwich to pork knuckle. To adapt with Indonesian taste buds, on the menu itself has tongseng kambing and lamb chop fried rice. 

Initially I wanted to have their BBQ chicken but the portion of 1 whole chicken threw me off, so I went along with their Sesame salmon (140k). Salmon crusted with sesame served with roasted baby potatoes and hollandaise sauce. The salmon was properly cooked and seasoned well, though I didn't really like the sesame. The veggies tossed well that it still has some crunchiness and those baby potatoes were very good. Didn't touch the sauce so couldn't comment on it.

It was a good dish but that BBQ chicken (165k) still stuck on my mind, so few days after, I dragged along a friend of mine for a second visit. My aim was very clear, that hot looking chicken. Presentation wise, a 10. It was a gorgeous tempting looking chicken! I loved seeing those marinated shiny glazed on it.

First cut, the chicken was very soft and tender, marinated well with hoisin sauce that I don't see any reason for me to spread on the extra barbeque sauce. Perfectly grilled that it didn't lose the juiciness. The potato wedges was a bonus point with its crisp and crunch. I wouldn't hesitate to order another plate of this on my next visit. 

For the sides, we asked for their Salmon caesar salad (70k). The lettuce were fresh, came with separated dressings. Too bad the salmon was overly cooked. 

Overall my impression for Brewerkz is good. My two visits were satisfying either on the food quality or the service. Ambiance also checked. It's nice to see variety of good restaurants adding at Senayan City. 

Brewerkz Jakarta
Senayan City, Crystal Lagoon LG flr
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29235788
Price range: 45k - 320k (except the pork platter 550k)

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Olivia Isabelle said...

This place looks so cosy and the food looks yummy! <3