Monday, September 8, 2014

Bourbon Coffee & Eatery

For a lazy woman who hates traffic way too much, it normally took a great amount of good reasons to get my lazy ass drive all the way to Tangerang. I just never feel the area has any interesting place to go except on how they often held a food festival from time to time. However on that day, I only have one good reason, Bourbon. The coffee & eatery which is under the same owner of Bong Kopitown has been on my list since I saw all their F&B pictures on instagram.  

I love what they did with the design. The place is not separated with any partition but as we walked further inside, it comes with different type of designs. Warm ambiance at the entrance with the brown rattan seating while at the back side, they have this bright corner with tosca colors on the background and plaid couches for the seats.

Our pick of the day went to their Naughty fries (42k), and it was so good! I liked how they make the fries a bit flabby with the mixed of potato skins. First few bites, it somehow reminded me of the mighty onion rings of Tony Roma’s. Second few bites, I am hooked. I loved the sense of crisp on the potato and chewy on the skin kinds of taste.

And oh oh... it didn’t come with melted cheddar on top, it comes with thousand island and it makes a much better pairing than those stupid cheddar cheese. Why everyone always feels that everything is better when it pairs with cheese? This is the perfect example of junk food which causing those extra fat on the hips, paid off!

My bestie, bless her for always be the one who willing to accompany me on my silly food hunt, chose the Old school fish & chips (65k). We loved how they pan fried the dory fish so dry that it wasn’t oily at all, it was seasoned well and comes with that delicious and big portion of baby potatoes. 

I went for their Penang fried noodle (45k) and it was a great choice. The noodle tasted homemade, a bit wet, not that kind of dry fried noodle, seasoned well and comes with plenty of seafood and sliced fish balls.

We enjoyed our Bourbon lunch very much and I personally wouldn't mind to have another satisfying meal here. Hopefully the taste will remain to be consistently good. Finally, a place I could hang on to in Tangerang area aside from my favorite duck, bebek Tepi Sawah. :) Let's Bourbon!

Bourbon Coffee & Eatery
Mall Alam Sutera GF Main Lobby
(Across Starbucks) 
Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat kav. 16
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Instagram: @bourboncoffee
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
Price range: 18 - 75k

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