Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mokka Coffee Cabana Pluit Village

If you are one of the Northerners, PIK - Pluit - Muara Karang to be exact, you would know that Muara Karang street has been crazy for the past few months due to a bridge construction which no one knows how long it would take to be done. It's so frustrating! The traffic and the headache cause I need to think of an alternate route everytime I want to pass the area, it's like every week there's a new route being shut temporary without proper notice in advance. But at least, on the bright side... The whole re-route thing gotten me to know this newest coffee shop in town. 

As you may know, I am not a coffee person, so what attracted me to go in at first was the design concept. As I seated and looking through the menu book, I couldn't be more agree on what smartly written on it. Let me share to you the 5 important things to start coffee shop business according to Mokka Coffee Cabana.

I may not know much about coffee, but I know to ensure a good brewing, one of the important thing is to have a good coffee machine. Mocca coffee cabana use La Marzoco FB 80 because it's perfect for creating good coffee. They written down all the information about the machine on the book as well.

The barista shared with me they use the best quality of arabica local coffee beans.

A good barista always know how to pleasure coffee lovers. I feel the barista at Mokka understands coffee very well. He approached me to try their coffee when he noticed I didn't order one. It didn't back him down when I told him that I am not a coffee person, instead he insisted that he could get me to like coffee if I allow him to make me some. In the end, I did not take his challenge, but the fact how he is confident enough that he could brew me types of coffee to suit my liking shows that Mokka Coffee has a good barista, don't you think? ;)

Everyone adores a good ambiance, I always believe a good ambiance is a crucial factor in developing a successful business place. People easily attracted to good things nowadays, nice packaging, nice design, in some way, matters more for some people. Mokka Coffee Cabana has created a cozy nice ambiance with their great design concept. The stacks of coffee attributes they display, the mural, the catchy yellow colors, the green and yellow cabana stripes. Everything is so cute in a pretty nice way. Totally not a bad place to kill some time over coffee and food.

The semi private room with minimum bill 500k

The outdoor Alfresco seating

The reality nowadays, coffee shop is no longer limit to coffee addict only. More and more coffee shop now comes with food options to reach the non coffee drinker which I think is brilliant as you'll have wider market. At Mokka Coffee, be ensure you will not go hungry as they have variety selections of food, from the small bites like fried cassava, french fries, nachos and their special spring rolls to heavier options such as fried rice, oxtail soup and spaghetti.

Now, let's further talk on the food and beverage. 

I went on with their Thai Tea (25k). Happy to say it tasted great. A good balance of tea meets milk where the milk itself is not overpowering the tea flavor and it wasn't sweet. I always feel a good Thai tea is the one that is not overly sweet and has this sense of bitterness.

The Indonesian fried noodle (22k) looks so tempting in the picture that it got me to order one. Came in a wok with quite a portion, it tasted very similar to the famous "white package" fried instant noodle and I mean it in a good way coz that's like my number one favorite instant noodle. The sunny side up, the diced chicken and the well seasonings took the noodle to a different level though. For a price as low as 22k, I would say the noodle is more than decent.

The Cakwei (fried dough) 25k comes in good presentation, nicely fried, crisp and not oily. However, it has this strong rancid scent which I think comes from the oil usage. I couldn't bare to have second bite due to the strong scent.

It always feels odd to find a new restaurant, cafe or in this case, coffee shops open at a not so popular spot. Pluit Village (previously Mega Mall) used to be one of the hang out place especially for people who stays at North, but over the years the mall has been left out from the option. Let's hope Mokka would make a good impact for them, huh?

At the moment, they have two outlets at Bintaro and coming soon at St. Moritz and FX on November. The barista told me their ambitious future plan of having total 12 outlets in Jakarta and around. Well then, say hello to Mokka!

Mokka Coffee Cabana
Pluit Village 1st Flr 
(Across Depot 3.6.9)
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya 
North Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 66670237
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm
Price range: 20 - 32k for beverage, 22 - 84k for food

Other branch:
- Blvd Bintaro Jaya Blok B7/C2 No. 1, Sektor 7
- Bintaro Jaya Exchange GF1 Level 2


Stacia Priscilla said...

Looks like a fab ambiance, and yes, totally get the fuss with MK's traffic. One wrong route and you'll have to line up on another jammed route. Le sigh~

MC Cabana said...

Thank You for the review! Much appreciated. Please come to our new outlet at Lippo Mall Puri opening next week. It's the same Mokka with a different touch. Hope to see you there :D

Dharmadi D said...

Was this Dante Coffee Before?

Any connection with the previous franchisor?