Monday, November 3, 2014

Yo' Panino: My Personal Choice for Great Subs'

I could never give an exact answer when someone asked me what is my favorite food, simply because there are too many. But I always know I cannot live without bread and veggies. Give me fresh breads with green caesar salad, and I'm happy as a kid.

Yo' Panino hasn't been around long enough in the F&B business, but I personally feel they did really well on marking their territory. I mean, if you think about it, how many places you could think of that sells sandwiches? Sure, you can always mention that famous burger fast food place. They're good, I won't be arguing on that. But in terms of healthy and fresh, can we really rely on fast food?

Three types of breads for us to choose; Multigrain, Turkish Pide and Farmhouse White
They offer unlimited toppings and sauce!!!
I could assure you the freshness of Yo Panino's food as it's fresh made by order. I like how the customers can easily take a peek on how they prepare the sandwich and have it warm & fresh on the spot. 


One of the star of our lunch was this Sloppy Joe. Generous amount of ground beef in tomato seasoned with melted cheddar. The beef was so full of flavor and plenty that it overpower the cheese in a good way. Served with toast farmhouse white, which happens to be my favorite bread among all three.


Look at that and don't say it doesn't drool you over its sexy look. Beef patty with melted cheddar and fried eggs tucked between warm Turkish pide bread. We loved how the beef patty was tender and juicy with that runny egg yolk.


My personal favorite! I always love prawn. It's my favorite seafood and to find prawns in sandwich is not really something easy. I applaud Yo' Panino for making it happen. The fried prawn was so crunchy and fresh, and they added chips inside to have that crackling crunchy sensation. I chose tortilla wrap and it suited me well. A good alternative for those who wanted a lighter meal.


I love all their sandwiches but if I have to choose one, this probably my least favorite. The bbq chicken comes with turkey bacon inside. It was good, but I guess I'm just used to having beef on my sandwich.

What even better is that Yo' Panino has a lot more to offer than sandwiches only. We have more space to try more of their sidekicks, such as Java Slaw (15k), Buffalo wings (27k), French fries (15k) and Chicken pops (24k). Must try the Java slaw, crisp, tangy and unique coleslaw served with peanut sauce.

Now my other favorite part. I love their Java tempe salad (49k) so much! My favorite kind of salad is caesar, I could never had enough of Romaine lettuce, but they way Yo' Panino twist it with crispy tempe and Java slaw peanut dressing is so different. The sauce was tangy and unique. Recommended to try! On the other hand, the Thai sweet chili fish salad (59k) wasn't really meet my liking. Though I like the sweet chilli dressing and the soft dory fish, I just felt it didn't really go well to be made as salad.

They also serve homemade cakes and cookies for some sweetkicks. Banana cake (18k), Coconut squares (18k) and Fresh baked cookies (12k). The cookies come in three flavors, Chocolate chip, chocolate mint and almond. My favorite among all is the coconut squares, it has a very strong coconut flavor.

I've been there twice and both ends with great satisfaction. They truly serve the best sandwich in town. Next time you care for some subs? I highly recommend you to go to Yo' Panino.

Yo' Panino
Plaza Indonesia 4th floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28 - 30
Ph. +6221 29924020
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (untl midnight on weekend)
Instagram: @yopanino
FB: Yo Panino
Twitter: @yopanino

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