Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shirayuki Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

I once shared on my previous post how in some cases, depending on good food only won't take you far. It's a well known fact how when it comes to food nowadays, people has been leaning more towards to something cute, something "instagram worthy" instead of the food itself. In some way, it's absurd, but that's the way with our society these days. If you want to survive in this rapidly growth F&B business, you got to do what you need to do. 

We went to a newly opened dessert house last night, or should I say, reopening. Shirayuki is actually a rebranding of a former pasta & Japanese dessert house named Kabocha. It used to serve various of pasta with Japanese twist and Kushiyaki ( grilled skewered). When Kabocha was still around, I've been there to try their Crab spaghetti and Kushiyaki, and was quite fond of both. I didn't manage to post on the blog, but I did share picture on IG. I remember my thought back then was they serve decent range of food with unfortunately not supported with good ambiance. As I said, nowadays, only food won't take you far. 

When I found out they'll do a rebranding by changing the brand and whole design concept but keeping the former menu with widen Japanese desserts, I was thrilled. I think it was a smart move on how they cope with what's trending but also able to deliver a satisfying new menu and dining concept. Also did a good job on the new design, it was not extremely fancy or very very nice, but I would say the place is comfy enough to be a hang out place.

We only focused on the new desserts menu last night due to so many options to choose and they all look so tempting! Kudos on the cute presentation! On the table we had four types of desserts from each selections.

Shiratama mochi, cornflakes, ogura coffee jelly, crystal jelly, biscuit with maccha soft cream.

This one is my favorite. We can choose among two flavors ice cream, matcha (green tea) or kashoku (Japanese peanut). Or we could also combine between two flavors. Though matcha normally never works really well with my palate, this one worked out quite alright. I liked the texture of the soft ice cream, light but not so easily melted and the matcha comes with bitter green tea taste. This one comes with plain chewy mochi, but they have other series of parfait with peanut mochi. 


Chose this one from their Kanten series. It comes with crystal jelly where they have this unique way of bringing the shredded tools along and the staff will push the jelly out. I don't really have clearer way to explain, but here's a pic.

It contains alcohol from Bailey's, I find it suits the ice cream's flavor and the plain jelly. I chose kashoku for the soft cream, and it was okay. Though I liked the matcha more (can't believe I'm saying I like matcha but I did LOL), but the peanut flavor was very unique, I hardly find this kind of flavor, I find the sweetness was well balanced unlike the common sweet peanut butter. 

Cotton candy tree, warabi mochi, soft cream 

Cotton candy is one of favorite childhood snack. Until now, whenever I go to a food festival, I would always get myself a cotton candy treat. The presentation is so cute! It was made like a tree with the green cactus look a like glass on the bottom. I liked the soft and chewy mochi too. 

Candy mochi, boba, coconut jelly, fruit flavored jelly, fruits

If you are more into refreshing dessert rather than sweet one, this comes as a good choice. It was refreshing without any overpowering sweets. Though I didn't really like the yogurt as it was too milky for me. 

Overall, We enjoyed our sweet treats very much and looking forward to next one. I would like to thank the super kind and friendly owners. Last night was not a food tasting, but they recognized me and approached us, from small talks turned into a friendly fun conversation. Yesterday was their grand opening and I wish them, a tons of luck! =)

Rukan Emerald No. 10
(Across Tzu Chi School)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 
Ph. +6221 24080570
Opening hours: 12pm - 11pm 
Instagram: @shirayukipik 

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