Thursday, November 27, 2014

Avec Moi Thamrin City Jakarta

Somehow, French food is always tied as something expensive, and most of the time, they are. However at Avec Moi, a newly opened casual French restaurant located at office park Thamrin City, few shops away from Tanamera, proves it doesn't always have to be.

Avec Moi (means: with me) is a brain child of the owner which also is the head chef and his wife. The chef, taking his five years experience at Gunther's, a well known French fine dining at Singapore, move to Jakarta and started his own family restaurant.  

When my bestie and I stepped inside Avec Moi (read: Ah-Vekh-Mwa), never crossed my mind that we would only spent so little in return on getting so much. First, I liked what they did with the design, it's cosmopolitan but somehow less of those tense vibe we normally meet at French dining. I loved how they transformed the idea of having delicate modern French food in a nice dining ambiance, classy but somehow feels homey. Less intimidating. 

The restaurant has three storey, first floor for dining, second floor is designated for more of private gathering and the third floor is the bar. Don't you just love the cute bunny ear chairs? 

Though the ala carte menu is still in affordable price range, their lunch set is the one caught our eyes. With only 120k nett for 2 courses and 140k nett for 3 courses include choices of iced/ hot tea, it's definitely a steal. Since the options for dessert on the lunch set only one, we each opted for two and three courses and chose another dessert from their ala carte menu. 

Our appetizers, both Salade avec moi and Cappuccino mushroom soup with tortellini pumpkin came as a great opening. Me, especially love the salad so so much. It's fresh with delicious sesame dressing and tender grilled chicken. Definitely will reorder this on next visit. The mushroom soup is light and well seasoned. I liked how it was not too thick and fulfilling, just how an appetizer should be.

Moving to main courses, I chose to have Sous vide chicken breast and bestie went with their signature Bacon carbonara. In advance, I reminded her that she might have to finish the carbonara by herself since I don't do dairy and carbonara normally comes with heavy cream sauce. How could I know that I ended sharing the pasta with her? And I even cheated in taking more! Here, the chef brilliantly doesn't put much cream sauce and instead having a sous vide eggs with the runny egg yolk as the cream sauce replacement, making the perfectly cooked pasta yummier with its unique taste. This one is definitely recommended. 

The chef kindly compliment us with the Seabass grenobloise, thank you! One thing I must highlight here is how this probably my first time of not having to put any more seasonings into my meal, not even chilli sauce, just because I felt that they were all suitably seasoned. Kudos, Chef! 
The mashed potatoes on both seabass and chicken deserve compliments, soft and smooth texture. We enjoyed the fish and chicken dishes very much, I liked the cooking techniques and flavor consistency on both.

Dessert time! The Crepe chocolate souffle (Manjari chocolate souffle, chocolate ganache with candied orange sauce) was a sweet ending to our delicious lunch, but the Varlhona chocolate fondant (65k) was the winner. It was so good!! Love love love the texture of the sponge cake and how delicate the Manjari chocolate, gooey, dense and not overly sweet. 

Sometimes, when you pay so little, you rarely put high hopes on getting great things in return. Avec Moi proves it wrong. We had one of the best meals I personally had this year and so recommending you to give them a try. Will I come back? Hell yeah! 

Thank you for reading!

Avec Moi
Office Park Thamrin City Block AA-01
Jl. Thamrin Boulevard
Central Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29625878
Opening hours: 11.30am - 2pm
                          6 - 9.30pm (Until 10.30pm on Fri & Sat)
FB: Avecmoirestaurant
IG: @avecmoirestaurant
Price range: 78k - 519k for main courses

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