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Eight Treasures Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

Hello 2017!
Marking my first post in 2017 is this currently trending steamboat in Plaza Indonesia. Now, when I went there for our Saturday date last week, I uploaded them on Insta story and some of you leave me messages confusing on the location.

There are indeed two different restaurants in Jakarta with the name "Eight Treasures". One is located in Wahid Hasyim area and another one is this new one that takes place in the 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia next to Taste Paradise. Since both of them serve Chinese cuisines, some people might be misled to the one in Sarinah. Do note if what you have in mind is the one with their signature beef presented in a way like drying laundry, then the Eight Treasures in Plaza Indonesia, the one I'm writing right now is what you're looking for. 

Eight Treasures is a semi upscale steamboat restaurant. Quoting from the menu book, they seek to improve wellness with a clever use of Traditional Chinese health techniques int a unique dining experience, where herbal medicines are creatively adopted into healthy gourmet soup bases. Eight Treasures guarantee they use only the finest ingredients which means natural herbs, fresh plucked vegetables, quality meat and sweet ocean fresh seafood. In short, you get what you paid for. 

I personally like the interior. Classy in a semi "atas" Chinese way though some might argue that the paintings of Chinese ladies aren't necessary, but I feel they complement the whole interior. The restaurant itself isn't exactly big so reservation in advance might be needed. 

They serve only steamboat in ala carte, so it is not an all you can eat dining, though they do have some package options for easier choice. The soup base here are all nourishing type of soups, Cartilage soup, Szechuan "mala" spicy soup, Herbal chicken soup and Chicken/ African coconut soup. The soup base will be served in individual pot. 

Hubs and I chose the package of Treasure B (IDR 688.000++), and since we are greedy, we added extra additional items of US Angus prime short ribs (150gr) IDR 168.000,- and Canada Fresh Scallop (150gr) 168.000,-. 

I'll show you what items are included in the package of Treasures B. 

Out of 4 options, we chose the Nourishing cartilage soup and Szechuan "Mala" spicy soup. The first one (white) is their signature shark cartilage soup, brewed for over 12 hours and rich in collagen, a protein famous for youth rejuvenation, cancer treatment, improve metabolism & joint flexibility and promotes better sleep. 

Despite all the healthy facts, we personally dislike the taste. But it'll suits your tastebuds if you are someone who enjoy healthy Chinese herbs. I would recommend more on the Mala soup. Bold and rich. 

Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin and Deep Fried Sliced Yam. I forgot to take a pic of the yam. Love love love the fried bean curd skin though. 

Fried Bean Curd Skin 
Sliced Sea Garoupa & Sea White Prawn 

Sliced Sea Garoupa & Sea White Prawn
Homemade balls platter 

Homemade Fish Ball, Prawn Ball, Beef Ball, Pork Ball. Included on the package.
Sliced Australian beef and Pork shoulder. 

Sliced Australian Beef 100gr
Pork Shoulder


Now, these two are the additional items that we ordered extra excluded from the package.
US Angus Prime Short Ribs (150gr) IDR 168.000++. I gotta say, a unique presentation where the meats are hanging with its pride yet like drying your laundry kind of look.
Canadian Fresh Scallop (150gr) IDR 168.000++

Price range is somewhere between semi upscale. The vegetables ranging from 18k - 58k per plate, dumpling and meatballs starts from 32k per plate & meat and seafood from 88k - 268k.

Now the verdict. It was okay, the quality of the meat and seafood indeed were beyond good, and that Angus short ribs just melted in your mouth. Overall we had a decent dinner but not something like very very tasty one. Nevertheless, this place fits right in when you want to have a healthy and fresh Chinese steamboat. 

See you in next post, hopefully soon and as always, thank you for reading. Have a blessed 2017 everyone! =)

Eight Treasures 
Plaza Indonesia 4th Flr (Next to Taste Paradise)
Ph. +628119698688
IG. @8treasuresjkt

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