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People who grew up watching FRIENDS series would definitely feel so psyched with the opening of Central Perk cafe in Singapore. And by people, I mean me! I am definitely one of FRIENDS' biggest fan. My college years were filled with watching this series, and I was practically in bed with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler. When the series ended on their 10th season, it didn't stop me from watching them. I have been rewatching the series for more than 50 times, I kid you not. For me, it is and will forever remain as my favorite and the best series ever made. 

Friends who know me well, especially my brother knows how devoted I am about FRIENDS. After the series ended, I replay it over and over from season 1 to season 10, and so again. I remember every single line of all episodes. It is the funniest series ever made, and despite I laughed a lot on Big Bag Theory and Modern Family too, but still, no one can ever replace FRIENDS as the best one. If you never watch the series, I seriously urge you too.

I first read about the opening of Central Perk Singapore on December 2016, few days before my trip to Bangkok. Though it wasn't the first cafe in the world bringing the concept of exact replica of Central Perk Coffee Shop, but Singapore's is the closest one from Jakarta.
We spent our New Year's eve in Singapore, it was a super impromptu and unplanned trip, but very much anticipated since I can finally witness my all time favorite series off screen.

Central Perk is located at Central Mall, Magazine Road. The cafe is divided into two sections, one is the restaurant where you will find the exact replica of Central Perk coffee shop, along with the trademark couches where the gank always sit on. The other section is the hall of every memorable place or items from the series.
In here, you'll find...
Rachel's runaway bride wedding dress along with her Cheerleader outfit that she wears when she wanted to seduce her crush, Joshua. Remember that scene?
Phoebe's ugly painting, Gladys and her guitar where she only sings one song "Smelly Cat".
Monica's TV
Joey's Hugsy!
And the episode "The one with Unagi" will always be one of my favorite episode. Ah... Salmon Skin Roll... 
"I got good, but it came with price" Chandler Bing
The Dog that Ross bought for Joey as a gift when he lost his fancy apartment

It was pretty packed during our visit, hence taking a proper clean shot at the restaurant section without having people in it was impossible. Too bad the iconic couches were occupied the whole time we're at the venue.

The menu here comes with names of the FRIENDS' characters and memorable line, take example Joey's You're My Everest turkey, Chandler's Thanksgiving chicken, Janice's Oh My God baby back ribs, Mrs. Bravermen's cheesecake and so on.

We didn't order any main courses since we're here right after having breakfast, plus I feel the pricing is a tad pricey. So, we only went for the beverages and fries. They even use the same Rachel's big cup for the coffee. =)

Monica's too garlicky fries $10, Rachel Green's hot capuccino $8, Hot Matcha $8
Dining goals is when I can have my meal with FRIENDS airing in the TV, just like what I often do at home, just like here at Central Perk where they have a huge screen TV playing over episodes of FRIENDS.
To witness my all time favorite series off screen has been a really fun experience. If you are a FRIENDS' fan, a visit to Central Perk is highly recommended. You would definitely get that nostalgic feeling when you cracked up over the series.

And the gank we all fell in love with...

Central Perk
Central Mall , 1 Magazine Road
IG: @centralperksg

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